Women’s Coat Trend ‘Wrap Coat’ – 13 Outfits and Styling Tips

No wonder Wrap Coats reflected in the women’s coat trend move. Mostly made from very high-quality natural materials – to a large extent or up to 100% of Schurwolle, lets us like a warm, elegant and comfortable way to slip through the winter landscape. For every occasion and every woman figure capable of wrap jacket is our best companion when the winter onion outfit, the beautiful silhouette spoil a lot.

This season comes in different colors and lengths as a must-have-piece, which is trendy, but also very comfortable. Continue reading “Women’s Coat Trend ‘Wrap Coat’ – 13 Outfits and Styling Tips”

Undercut Hairstyles for Ladies – Geometric, Colored and Glitter Designs

The undercut is unquestionably the biggest hairstyle trends currently. The fashionable short haircut fascinates many ladies and that is also no wonder. Whether as an accent under long hair, which is only shown on request or as an effective conclusion for short hair cuts for women, it transforms every hairstyle into a true highlight.

It offers the possibility to emphasize the neck by patterns or colors particularly original. We have some ideas for Undercut hairstyles compiled for the trendy, geometric patterns and styling with bright colors and glitter were elected. Let yourself be surprised! Continue reading “Undercut Hairstyles for Ladies – Geometric, Colored and Glitter Designs”

XXL Scarf tie and styling – Blanket Scarf Styling Tips

Large-format scarves, handkerchiefs and ponchos are undoubtedly the perfect companion on cool days. For every fashion-conscious woman a has XXL scarf simply a must-have piece for the cold season. Checkered, black or in autumn tones he Warmest forward to speak casual or elegant way. Again and neck bound cloth or Cape with beautiful design is the perfect finish of a stylish look.

We can help you with 18 styling tips.

Dress in a nice XXL scarf

A Halstuch is quite convenient for the protection against the cold, but not only. It complements the entire outfit and completes the appearance. Just this is the accessory, which can be skillfully applied the look to upgrade completely. You need a precisely selected piece and the right technique for binding. The shell should match the pattern and / or color of the clothing. Coarse knitted models are suitable for everyday, casual outfits, while those from silk or cashmere are more of an elegant look. Continue reading “XXL Scarf tie and styling – Blanket Scarf Styling Tips”

Perfect Styling with the Flat Iron – This Is How the Trendy Sleek Succeeds

Hair straighteners have become a popular tool for styling. Both the professional and the private have access to this styling tool. Hair can be styled differently using a smoothing iron. One can both curly hair smooth as shapes and straight hair to waves or curls. Today we give you a few tips on how to get the perfect styling with the flat iron.

Elegant and cool – the Sleek can be styled differently with flat iron

A trend that has probably led to the popularity of the flat iron is the so-called Sleek look. The modern look is minimalistic and yet chic. There are different ways to style a sleek: the hair is either combed straight back, combed as a straight braid or combed to a middle crest. Continue reading “Perfect Styling with the Flat Iron – This Is How the Trendy Sleek Succeeds”

Nail Shaping – Tips and Tricks for Perfect Fingernails

Nageldesign belongs to the styling and similar to the clothing, several designs are possible. Fingernails can take different forms, but not every one fits every hand. Whether your hands slender, delicate or opposite look shorter and chubby, depends on how your shape nails.

We have 7 Nail Trends summarized and give you tips on how to honing her best. Continue reading “Nail Shaping – Tips and Tricks for Perfect Fingernails”

AV receiver: Marantz SR 5006

Who does not need the video arts of Denon 2312, finds 5006 (800 euros) affordable Marantz SR in the construction of similar however 100 euros an appealing and with pre outs tipped alternative.

  1. AV receiver: Marantz SR 5006
  2. Data sheet

With its small portholes display the 800-Euro-Marantz to attract the HiFi friend of old school, not constantly zig shortcuts like to see. The screen menu appears also simple – even if it hardly less can show compared to the picture book of the DM group relative AVR 2312 (DM = Denon/Marantz). Continue reading “AV receiver: Marantz SR 5006”

Our Site Go live 1015 in the Test

The new flagship: Our site’s go live 1015 shines with good service and Internet-based Live services.

For those who like easy, will the our site go live 1015 ($299; Map data for 45 European countries) love: hardly an another Navi is easier to use – and at the same time so much comfort. Not more so quickly takes the porti who once enjoyed the Live services of the Dutch from the disk. Continue reading “Our Site Go live 1015 in the Test”

AV Receiver: Denon AVR 2312

With the absence of pre outs, AVR 2312 (900 euros) is a vulnerability. But he sounds powerful and super fine resolving – for the superb class.

  1. AV receiver: Denon AVR 2312
  2. Data sheet

Denon respect modern users goes so far that the company can barely follow. In the fine print of the manual it indicates only, no HDMI or conventional digital sources in a zone 2 sound may allow AVR 2312 . The user himself must come on the idea that the music transfer for USB and network music still works. Definitely the Japanese for this purpose have built directly a stereo D/A converter in addition to the power supply ICs (AK 4424). Continue reading “AV Receiver: Denon AVR 2312”

All Inclusive – T + A K8 Blu-Ray Receiver in th

T + A K8 (5900 euro) is the most complex German Hi-Fi and home cinema component. The Blu-ray receiver waiting with gigantic equipment and innovative features. He sounds better than a combination of individual devices?

Here, engineers have the say. For decades, well-thought-out and excellently processed HiFi devices come from the Westphalian manufacture excellent T + A. But now Chief Scientist Lothar Wiemann’s team on a technically truly gigantic project dared approach. The K8 is the third evolution of compact devices that combine all of the digital drive up to the amp – the elegantly curved aluminum block includes a Blu-ray Player, an Audio-Streaming-Client, a network switch, a surroundand Multi-zone preamplifier plus seven powerful amplifiers. Continue reading “All Inclusive – T + A K8 Blu-Ray Receiver in th”

NAVIGON 72 Premium in the Test

Fresh paint: NAVIGON sends his 72 premium with the new interface “Flow” at the start. A successful facelift?

  1. NAVIGON 72 premium in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Sales, the industry giant Garmin has little impressed the creativity of NAVIGON developers. On the contrary: the new software interface “Flow” it bids farewell to the familiar look and breaks not only optically new ground. Continue reading “NAVIGON 72 Premium in the Test”