Gigaset SL910 A in the Test

Gigaset is not only market leader, but also pioneer with the first touch screen-DECT in luxury design. The Gigaset SL910 A in the test.

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On the Betatschen of small equipment one has become accustomed at the latest since the iPhone, now touch screens we encounter everywhere. As a tablet or on the ticket of the railway – even camcorders are now largely controlled with a finger. So, it’s no wonder that now deployed the first phone with an appropriate screen. As everywhere, this is a matter of taste even in the domestic environment, the classy appearance at the SL910 A, however, is indisputable. Continue reading “Gigaset SL910 A in the Test”

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 in the Test

The great with the XXL display can collect a lot of pluses in the practice test. Particularly impressed the facilities of the Samsung giant.

The most striking of the new flagship of the MID class is its screen. The 5-inch touchscreen (diagonal: 12.7 centimeters), is huge in comparison to the usual display on Smartphones. An optical advantage that at least totally convinced its users when viewing videos, movies and photos or mobile gaming. The Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is a TFT screen in use, which is 480 x 800 pixels. This is not more than most have 4-inch monitors, but enough to, for example, Web pages without much to scroll to see. His contrast is also ok, the color reproduction also – with the Super Amoled display of a Galaxy S2, it is however not to compare. Two small stereo speakers on the back take the sound, which can be about the equalizer “Sound Alive” adapted to personal sound preferences. Bass there but only if the supplied headset is used. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 in the Test”

Motorola RAZR in the Test

Motorola wants to build on the success of the legendary RAZR: with Kevlargehäuse and Gorilla glass, the new model has special ingredients. Our test shows whether that’s enough for the Smartphone Crown.

The Motorola RAZR – is not as sharp as his name suggests, so razor sharp, but even if less than seven millimetres for a Smartphone of this size are very narrow. So narrow that one could fear that breaks apart the good piece with too much pressure and improper loading. So that this doesn’t happen, Motorola has strengthened the case with Kevlarfasern. Continue reading “Motorola RAZR in the Test”

Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the Test

Android 4.0 nexus celebrates its premiere on the Samsung Galaxy. If operating system and Smartphone can meet the high expectations, clarifies our test.

Now it is so, the long and eagerly awaited first Smartphone with Android 4.0. Because it is a unit of Google himself commissioned, the operating system in its purest form is played up – without a vendor-specific interface Samsung Touchwiz or HTC Rhyme. The Galaxy nexus and is, like its predecessor already nexus S, the Korean electronics giant Samsung and goes for hard-line 679 euros without a contract over the counter. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the Test”

Dali Fazon F5 in the Test

Boxing specialist Dali manufactures the new model Fazon F 5 (3000 euro per pair) with housings of particularly rugged cast aluminium. Shape and sound are exceptional.

Ask a HiFi enthusiast: which components of a speaker are the most important? Usually, the answer from the gun will be shot: the chassis determine the quality of the sound, everything else is rather minor matter. Occasionally be clearly the converter called, but are in the focus of interest also crossovers and internal wiring. Continue reading “Dali Fazon F5 in the Test”

Blu-Ray Player Cambridge Azur 651 BD

The Cambridge Azur 651 BD (1000 Euro) is missing compared to the bigger brother 751 only the complex analog Board. Is the lesser of the quality hit for Digitalos?

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In the August issue, we tested the Blu-ray player Azur 751 BD developed by Cambridge – and were quite impressed by his qualities. Features such as the excellent streaming client or image and sound on analog and digital level far exceeded the class cut. Now follows the smaller model Azur 651 BD and the real successor to the Azur 650 vol. Those very long served as a much appreciated work horse for Multichannel in the listening room. Continue reading “Blu-Ray Player Cambridge Azur 651 BD”

B & W 805 Diamond

The 805 marks our entry into the noble 800 series B & W. The not so small box is a model of balance.

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If product lines will see the light of the world, the top models in the spotlight are almost automatically. For example, when new cars: the big engines are always tested first, the base models often months later.

Not much different there running at transducers, specially if they come from renowned manufacturers such as B & W. The British tend to werterhaltend long cycles, what still increases the tension. Is renewed at all the top series, everyone jump right on the Dick ships. Continue reading “B & W 805 Diamond”

CD Player NAD C 565 BEE

NAD CD player have a long tradition. The C 565 BEE (900 euros) now offers many useful features that are in a digital future.

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It is almost as soft of the top players from the classic series of the NAD’s corporate philosophy. It says there “Performance, Simplicity, Value”. Performance? Now, who will occupy the hearing test. Continue reading “CD Player NAD C 565 BEE”

HTC Sensation XL in the Test

Sensation XL Lady Gaga stood Godfather at the presentation of the HTC. The common theme: Entertainment at the best level. Our test shows whether the requirements are met.

Already the start was the big show. For the presentation of the sensation XL invited HTC in the beru? a famous Roundhouse to London. Not only stars and journalists answered the call, thousands of party-tested London HTC fans took advantage of the event, to celebrate to the beats of Europe’s DJ elite. was angeku as a highlight? reconcile. It doesn’t even hit midnight, there was a murmur through the crowd – but also Lady Gaga had mixed among the people. Continue reading “HTC Sensation XL in the Test”

Linn Klimax DS/1 in the Test

The best digital player AUDIO knows, has received a successor: the Klimax DS is the Klimax DS/1 (15850 euros), and as always, Linn offers an upgrade for the old players (3350 euro). The special thing about it: From the organs removed during the renovation another player can be for more 1850 euro.

  1. Linn Klimax DS/1 in the test
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As good as the Linn Klimax DS a challenge must have been to make that sound even better – but the old climax showed in numerous listening space missions that he has almost supernatural skills. So he made it for example easily, even then still to humiliate other players when he however, as digital handicap, which had to play MP3extract of same CD get into this lossless FLAC data. Continue reading “Linn Klimax DS/1 in the Test”