USB D/A Converter: KingRex UD 384

Despite a small housing and also a small budget, the KingRex UD 384 (from 450 euros) has the ambition to help computers to large sound.

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Thanks to iTunes comfort and high resolution sound canned, outboard DACs come with USB port for computer audio just difficult in fashion. This has not escaped the relevant manufacturers of chip. So some of them – offer, for example, VIA – already future-proof USB-controller devices that handle audio data rates up to 32-bit 384 kHz sampling rate. Continue reading “USB D/A Converter: KingRex UD 384”

Women’s Luxury Watches Guide

The clock for a woman is not only a tool for measuring time. Perhaps more than any other accessory or jewelry, expresses his personality and says her many things: if he likes to be essential, if she can take care of a precious item like a watch with a diamond, if you believe in tradition and is proud of a watch by family handed down from generation to generation, if she can be so creative to pair the watch with the most curious charm …And a woman can be all these things at different times of his life.

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NAVIGON 92 Premium Live in the Test

Live has its price: the NAVIGON premium model 92 premium live coincides with 349 euro, from the scores but with Internet services.

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NAVIGON has his 349 euro expensive flagship model 92 premium live exquisitely dressed: a capacitive glass display for gesture control, a stylish chrome edges and an integrated GSM module for Live services from the Internet. So the price is quickly explained, and if even two years free map updates and a year of Live services to be added, one is almost reconciled. For all live holdouts: As a premium without live there 92 for 300 euro. Continue reading “NAVIGON 92 Premium Live in the Test”

How to Choose the Right Hat

Because revitalized fashionable to wear hats on the market has a variety of styles, colors and patterns hats. But how to stop only one and it, especially if you decide to shop on the Internet? The first thing to do is to find similar hat that you have liked to be able to judge whether it is worth buying new. The assessment relates to whether the cap will look good, whether it highlights the features of your face, whether you tan is suitable for it, etc. Generally these things must be taken into account because there is hardly a Bulgarian company that sells over the Internet and to allow replacement of already ordered and paid good.

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Test: Electrocompaniet EMP 2

The EMP 2-Blu-ray players by Electrocompaniet (2950 EUR) convinces with chubby warm sound and truly lush amenities.

Two years ago, Electrocompaniet unveiled the first prototype of an own Blu-ray multimedia player . Old high-Ender style, the Northmen wanted to do everything myself. A plan, which finally was – dropped because the braid of complex technology and digital rights permanently not good handle allows for a small manufacturer. Also you can develop almost as fast with a small team, how the standards change. For the Norwegians have learned how a lot, which helped to integrate a player included in the core as a branded product (OEM) perfectly in your program profile and sound philosophy. EMP 2 is now called the showpiece. Continue reading “Test: Electrocompaniet EMP 2”

Which Coat Suits to Me? – Tips for Every Figure and Every Outfit

A warm coat is indispensable in winter. Parka, trenchcoat, down, coat in O-, H- or A-line – the variety of winter coats is now really big! The question for which model you choose depends not only on your personal taste, modesty, budget and everyday life, but also on your figure.

Use these tips, which jacket forms to which character types are suitable and which interface details, you can maximize the strengths of your figure and hide the weaknesses. If you know your body proportions well, you can quickly determine which coat would suit you best to make your appearance and figure come to the full. Continue reading “Which Coat Suits to Me? – Tips for Every Figure and Every Outfit”

Pack Your Bags – Checklist and Helpful Hints

When packing luggage, it may happen that ultimately important things were forgotten or you have too little taken. In order not to spoil the holiday from the start, it is sensible to plan early, what is really needed and to pack it right. Many things are not allowed in hand luggage, others must always be with you, like all the important documents, valuables and medicines.

In addition, the hand luggage should be optimized for all cases, so that you can get a few days only with these things. It is useful when packing to wonder: ‘Without which utensils to get out in no case?’ Continue reading “Pack Your Bags – Checklist and Helpful Hints”

Hitchhikers Makeup – Helpful Tips and Instructions

Slippers are partly associated with age, but are also a consequence of predisposition. This is naturally flaccid or sagging skin due to aging, which is located above the lid and ensures that the eyelid is not visible when the eye is open. Surely there are cosmetic interventions, which are carried out against the Schlupfliders.

This is above all a variant, if the Schlupflider restrict your view. However, if you do not have such problems, it may be enough to know how to make hanging eyelids best so they do not attract attention. In this article we have compiled some tips and instructions that will allow you the right way to  make up drooping eyelids can, by a perfect eye makeup Apply. So, how can you make the best lollipop? You can learn that now! Continue reading “Hitchhikers Makeup – Helpful Tips and Instructions”

Wireless HiFi Music System: Canton Your Duo

The wireless music system “Your World” by Canton (500 euro) is by a small, inconspicuous interface to the versatile multi-room package. Now no more limits of imagination, to create his own sound world is.

Who wanted to fill early, in the 80s or even 90s years, many rooms in his home from a source with music, had to intervene to do so not only pretty deep in the Pocket, but also still terribly in the architecture, pull miles stripping and endure monstrous racks full of blinking electronic with the charm of a server farm. And woe, also only a detail of the complicated structure was changed – then remained the music hour, Yes for days mute until the error was finally found. Continue reading “Wireless HiFi Music System: Canton Your Duo”

Becker Ready Talk V2 in the Test

For 150 euros, Becker with the ready talk V2 sends a well-equipped Navi in the race that even with voice control.

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The ready 43 talk V2 with 4.3-inch touchscreen focus in terms of facilities other than the big brother ready 50: it has a well-functioning voice control and a Bluetooth hands-free kit under the hood. For this, the maps includes only 19 European countries, while the ready 50 in 40 countries at home. Continue reading “Becker Ready Talk V2 in the Test”