The biggest countries of the world? Who are they really? To begin with, of course, it depends on how you calculate. Largest in area, or population? Or are there additional ways to count as well? The biggest in terms of GDP is also interesting.

For safety, we would have found out all three lists. Here come the world’s largest countries for three times. Sources: Abbreviationfinder.

The world’s largest countries by land area

  1. Russia

The land area of 17,098,242 km² makes Russia by far the world’s largest country. We have not been there yet, but the thought that if we go on a weekend to St. Petesburg, the farthest west towards the Baltic Sea, then would have to count the country visited, actually feels quite silly. You can probably spend a lifetime traveling around this country alone. We would like to take the Trans-Siberian Railway, then you can still start to say that you have made Russia a little closer.


  1. Canada

Another mastodon and super giant. 9,984,670 km² large is Canada. Yes, I’ve been here. Check the list. But with the robbery of shame on my cheeks. Because it was just a stop at Niagara Falls. Then a turn to Toronto and a pitiful overnight stay in between. Also already in 1994. Long time no seeing then.


One day we will definitely return. And see a trillion emerald green lakes, rocky mountains and living bears. Until then, we take comfort in occasionally looking at the blog People in the Street and Eva’s beautiful Canada photos.

  1. USA

With an area of 9,833,517 km², including all the small islands in Oceania and the Caribbean, the United States is also a colossus of course. I’ve been here a lot, I think. It has been 5 trips over. Including a tour of the entire country in 1990. In 1994 , I lived in Boston for a few months. Including. Still, it turns out there are only pathetic dots on the US map. So there is infinitely more to discover. The next trip will definitely be with a focus on national parks and nature.


  1. China

9,596,960 km². I have been to three twice. Plus Hong Kong then, how do you calculate it now? I hope and believe that I will return to this fascinating country. Although it is rumored that they are closing more and more and becoming less and less interested in visits from the western world.


  1. Brazil

The country has an area of 8,515,770 km² and is another giant in South America. Alva and I went here on a parrot trip in 2013 and since then the country has always had a special place in our hearts. If we come back? Yes, but sometime maybe? For example, the Amazon remains to be discovered.


  1. Australia

Australia has an area of 7,741,220 km². This is where you dreamed of traveling as a young person. At first, the United States was the dream and when it was done, Australia was the next dream. That I still at 47 years of age would not have come here, I could never believe then, but it is actually just as bad. The dream lives on for so long.


  1. India

Now it will be a small jump anyway, because India is not even half as big as Australia, “only” 3,287,263 km². Here I have longed “forever”. And been afraid of for ages. For the stomach ailments in India are not to be played with, it has been understood. Trips here have “almost” been booked several times. Or, once , a trip was actually booked , which then had to be canceled again due to Christofer’s stroke.


  1. Argentina

2 780 400 km². You have been here. For several hours, in fact, while checking out the Iguazu Falls from the other side opposite where one lived, sakura talked to a Japanese and doomsday with two Jehovah’s Witnesses. Hepp! So was that country done somehow? Or, no of course, it does not go that fast. Patagonia is one of Christofer’s big travel dreams. I have resisted for the simple reason that I want more time than the 16 days we have been able to get away from the children’s schedule as a maximum for travelers. Now we’ll see if such a long journey ever gets off?


  1. Kazakhstan

2,724,900 km² large and, I must admit, largely unknown to me. Johnnybajdzjan has to fill in the gaps again.


  1. Algeria

2,381,741 km² large is this North African hidden ice. I know almost nothing about this country and have never considered a visit. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against unnecessary travel to a number of regions, I see on the Travel Ready app. It will probably have to wait a while then.


The world’s largest countries by population

Now we turn directly upside down on the map, because here it will immediately be different. Not entirely maybe, but clearly different.

  1. China, 1,390,191,160 residents
  2. India, 1,346,673,222 residents
  3. United States, 327,826,334 residents
  4. Indonesia, 261,890,900 residents
  5. Pakistan, 207,774,520 residents
  6. Brazil, 207,660,929 residents
  7. Nigeria, 190,886,000 residents
  8. Bangladesh, 164,670,000 residents
  9. Russia, 146,804,372 residents
  10. Mexico, 129,163,000 residents

Sources: Countryaah

Insane crowds of people, right? I remember during my trip to the United States in 1990, that I just could not digest how many people there were here on earth. I swished across the continent, to several of the great cities of the United States. Went subway and car. Everywhere I went I saw new people. In great numbers. A short second and then they were gone. And replaced with new people. Who also had a life on this earth. Worked, shopped, pondered and traveled by train. Just like me. I had never been able to understand it from the small hometown of Gävle. It was necessary to travel to get a small idea of ​​how big the earth really was.

The world’s largest countries by GDP

  1. United States, $ 18,624,450 million
  2. China, $ 11,232,108 million
  3. Japan, $ 4,936,543 million
  4. Germany, 3,479,232 million USD
  5. United Kingdom, 2,629,188 million USD
  6. France, $ 2,466,472 million
  7. India, $ 2,263,792 million
  8. Italy, $ 1,850,735 million
  9. Brazil, $ 1,798,622 million
  10. Canada, $ 1,529,760 million

Sweden can be found in 23rd place, which is half sick considering how few residents we have (who can be involved in producing GDP).

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