ZTE Has 26 Million Smartphones Sold East 2015, Running 60 by The End of 2015

ZTE does so much media noise as other manufacturers but its importance at the international level is indisputable. The Chinese company has published the results of the first half and adding all models that have right now in our catalog have managed to sell 26 million Smartphone. 50% more of distributed devices in what was year in 2014.

If we compare the data with other manufacturers figures are good, although a little less shine. Xiaomi in six months has managed to sell 34.7 million while Huawei already goes by 50. ZTE has an objective as ambitious as the rest and hope to finish 2015 selling a total of 60 million smartphones. Will they get it? In less than six months we will know.

Of those 26 millions of devices, 39% are top range models, figures that they may seem a little, but the reality is that ZTE has long trying to increase the sale of high-performance as the Nubian terminals, while distribution is rather limited. That Yes, his main focus continues to be United States.

The presence of ZTE in this country has increased 41% in a year and is that the manufacturer is making an effort to compete there with a market that also has very specific rules: phones linked to contract, rejection of Chinese brands for some problems that have had some brands with operators…

Originally ZTE planned to sell 80 million in 2015 but they have had to lower expectations a bit, specifically 20 million less. In the case of Spain still have a very discreet presence: the Blade S6 (your most powerful model for this market) is an interesting mobile but they are still without making an effort to big to be known.