Padangbai, Bali island (Indonesia)

According to Existingcountries, Padangbai is a small town in the east of Bali. It is located on the shores of the bay of the same name, from where ferries leave daily for the island of Lombok.

In the northern part of the city is the Blue Lagoon Beach, and in the south – Secret Beach. The main activities here are diving and snorkelling. The best visibility in coastal waters is observed in June-October and reaches 25 m. The waters here are calm without strong currents, therefore they are also suitable for beginners. Coral reefs start 5 m from the shore, the maximum depth is 30 m. There are several types of sharks, big fish Napoleon wrasse, stone fish, scorpion fish, blue eels, squids and octopuses.

South of Padangbai along the coast is the village of Chandidasa. The temple of the same name is interesting here. It was built in the 12th century on a hill. It was erected in honor of the goddesses Hariti and Shiva. Hindu and Buddhist couples who do not have children come here daily in the hope that these deities will have mercy.

Sanur, Bali island (Indonesia)

Sanur resort is located on the southeast coast of Bali and is one of the oldest resorts on the island. Sanur is more suitable for a relaxing family holiday, the nightlife here is not as vibrant as in Kuta, and is represented by only a few nightclubs. The local beach stretches along the coastline for 5 km. At low tide, it seems very wide. Along the beach there is a pedestrian road, where you can ride bicycles or just walk. The resort has a lot of expensive hotels, which are located in close proximity to the beaches.

Coastal waters are calm because they are protected by coral reefs, and the depth here is shallow. So Sanur – a great place to swim, especially with children. Between December and February, sea waves throw a large amount of algae ashore, which can make the beach look dirty.

The beach area of the resort can be divided into 3 parts – northern, central and southern.

The highest hotel on the island of Bali is located in the northern part, although by law local hotels cannot be taller than palm trees, so as not to spoil the beautiful landscape. The beach is located right in front of the hotel, it is considered the dirtiest in Bali. Mostly locals rest here, so if you want to see the real Bali with its inhabitants and their norms of behavior, then go here. Also, beach vendors are constantly scurrying around here, in principle, like on any other Sanur beach. In this regard, the central resort area is considered to be calmer. The main dive centers are located in the southern part of Sanur, and all shops and restaurants are located away from the beach. Sanur

is one of the most important dive centers in Bali. Training courses are held here with the issuance of a certificate, however, the underwater world of these places is not very rich and is unlikely to be to the taste of experienced divers. Visibility under water ranges from 6 to 10 m, coral reefs are dead and marine life is not very bright – there are many sea snakes, and white sharks can also appear far from the coast.

The resort has an entertainment center Taman Festival Park. It covers an area of 9 hectares. The park offers a huge number of attractions and water activities.

In Sanur, the oldest inscriptions on stones were discovered, which date back to 913 AD. Now these stones are stored in the temple of the village of Blanjong in the south of the resort. North of Sanur right on the beach is the house-museum of the Belgian artist Adrien Jean Le Mayor De Merpres “Le Mayor”, where his paintings with views of the island of Bali are exhibited. Boats depart daily from Sanur

Beach to the islands – Lembongan and Penida. Penida is the largest of the two islands. Strong currents are often observed in its northern part. Visibility under water – 20 m, there are large fish – Sunfish and sharks. On the east coast of the island of Penida in the Crystal Beach area, there are underwater caves where you can see sharks and rays.

Beginners should go to the west coast of Lembongan Island, because there are no currents, as well as to the strait between the islands of Lembongan and Penida. Visibility in these areas is 30 meters, and the depth of the reefs reaches 40 m.

Singaraja, Bali island (Indonesia)

Singaraja is the main city and transport hub on the northern coast of Bali. 10 km to the west of it is the resort area Lovina Beach. It is believed that the name Lovina comes from the English lovin Indonesia, which literally means “to love Indonesia”. This resort stretches for 8 km along the coast. It includes several villages – Pemaron, Anturan, Tukadmunga, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem and Temukus. Most of the hotels are located in Kalibukbuk, restaurants and bars, so you can call this place the center of Lovina Beach. There are many tourists here, so those who want to relax in silence should go to other villages of the resort, where there are fewer restaurants and shops, and the nightlife is not as vibrant as in Kalibukbuk. Happy Beach in the village of Tukadmunga is very interesting. It is surrounded by trees, lovers like to have picnics here, because the beach is very similar to a small park.

The water off the coast of Lovina Beach is calm, because the beaches are protected from everywhere by coral reefs. The resort is more suitable for families, because there are no big waves here, especially since it is very shallow here. Local beaches are made of black volcanic sand, they are not very well maintained.

Diving is possible in the Lovina Beach area, but good spots with decent visibility and a variety of natural life are far from the coast, where you have to get by boat. Coastal corals are mostly dead.

Lovina Beach is also famous for the fact that dolphins come to its shores. Every morning boats leave from the shore with tourists who want to watch them.

A few kilometers west of Lovina Beach are the hot springs of Banjar.. Here, in an artificially arranged tropical garden, there are several small pools filled with hot water. The Buddhist temple of the same name is also interesting here. 5 km in the same direction from Lovina Beach, it is worth looking at the Air Tejun waterfalls. Their height is 12 meters, the water falls through cascades into a small lake where you can swim.

Singaraja, Bali island (Indonesia)

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