Watches by Dust Furniture with Revolutionary Curves

Watches by Dust Furniture with Revolutionary Curves

A few months ago I wrote some very revolutionary, daring and original furniture that left me shocked.We are sure that many might remember the Dust Furniture furniture. Its curves, undulating shapes and colours live are difficult to forget.

So today I want to talk about this signature because his creations seem to me to be fascinating.Today I want to introduce you to their watches, as you may have already seen in the image above are equally spectacular. In them we see the curves and the colors so characteristic of Dust Furniture.

But just as we speak of the firm that manufactures and distributes these furniture, we can not forget the true leader of these revolutionary curved wonders: its creator, designer Vincent Leman.

The first two designs that I’m going to show are the No. 1 Grandfather Clock and clock no. 2 Simon Says Clock. The first of these, the largest, is based on the traditional cuckoo clocks. Its original shape and its composition in three distinct parts gives you a lot of personality. What you can buy for less than 4,000 euros.

The clock on the right, the Watch No. 2 Simon Says Clock, presents a design equally shocking, full of color and life. This curved wall clock you can buy for 80 euros approximately.

We continue with two new designs. The clock on the left is the clock no. 3 Pendulum and presents a transgressive originality design. Based on traditional pendulum clocks, it has a strong style “Dust Furniture”. The pendulum and the sphere both are painted on the wood. What you can buy for 150 euros approximately.

And the last clock which wanted to present is the clock no. 4 tablecloth, a stunning and original table clock. The design of this watch is based in a reconstructed building. Each of the parts of the Watch has worked individually and they joined later in this stunning creation. What you can buy for 320 euros approximately on

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