Vodafone Renews Its Fares REDvolucióN and Its Integral Offer

Vodafone Renews Its Fares REDvolucióN and Its Integral Offer

Today we are here with Vodafone in the presentation of their Christmas campaign in which in addition to lowering the price of its mobile it as I detailed last week, the operator is also announcing its new REDvolución rates which will be available from Monday 25 November although some of the improvements are already in force from today for current customers.

Vodafone regains carvings in their rates as last name to indicate the size in the different possibilities which can be differentiated that give more importance to the calls or those who enjoy more Internet at maximum speed, covering a wider variety of needs with a total of ten special contract rates.

Three families of rates: Base and Smart network

The complete range of rates Vodafone stays No permanence in the mobile lines without smartphone as up to now (with cost of high of 15 euros), with the possibility of hiring additional lines discounted If you have any network rate but without ADSL, and also maintained the same prices in roaming of 4 euros per day of use (plus VAT). The changes are listed below:

  • The rates begin to communicate with VAT included both in their quotas and the price per minute message.
  • Base and Smart no longer include messages for free and become a cost of 12 cents/SMS.
  • The speed is reduced to 32 Kbps instead of 64 Kbps like so far matching it to the Orange but still above the 16 Kbps of Movistar.
  • All rates will bring enabled by default 4G service While net current customers with rates automatically starts progressively between 18 and 26 November.
  • Vodafone Integral will increase the direct coverage with ADSL Today 70% of the population to the 80% in the coming months. With indirect access price will continue to have an additional cost of 15 euros (plus VAT).
  • Smart rates will be compatible with new discount of 6 euros for second lines having a network in the main and held the discount of 12 euros for second lines with network.
  • The new rates are available for new customers and current requesting change except for users who currently have rate Network2 that migrate them automatically to network L with 2 GB and NETWORK XL with 4 GB and reduction to 32 Kbps respectively and network.
  • They are placed on the market the above rates REDvolución and rate XS8 although clients that have them active may continue to maintain them while not applying a rate change. XS8 is replaced by Base voice for those who only speak, they can start online now for a similar cost but for those prices, the MVNOs are more generous.

The rates Base from now on will be marked by being price rates per minute, the Smart by including a bonus of 200 minutes and the NETWORK the calls and unlimited messaging to 6 euros of difference. Smart and network are available in sizes xs, S, M or L 600 MB, 1.2 GB and 2 GB respectively. In addition, these rates shall be compatible with Vodafone Integral combining fixed, ADSL and mobile with prices including VAT that I detail below:

Christmas promotion

To encourage Christmas, Vodafone will offer promotional way your Giga Base rate by 0 cents per minute for all and with 4G included free of charge for all those who activate it before the 31 January 2014. For later engagements, in principle the rate will be 1 cent min (VAT included) and not be compatible with 4G.

Vodafone will also offer temporarily for their recruitment rates Smart L & S Network until January 31, but customers who activate them, can also enjoy them forever. We will have to wait until February to see if Vodafone keeps them as it has happened on other occasions with this type of promotions or if on the contrary, it leaves them market.

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