Vodafone Lost Other 54,000 Customers of Mobile in The Last Semester But Improved in ADSL

Vodafone Lost Other 54,000 Customers of Mobile in The Last Semester But Improved in ADSL

After the presentation of results by Movistar, where once again we saw as Latin America pulls the poor results in Europe, today is the day to get to know the results from Vodafone in Spain, that you reflect back a customer churn in mobile that is partly mitigated with a larger base of ADSL customers.

And is that in the last six months, from April to September, the British operator He lost 54,000 customers of mobile phone, a negative but less than in other semesters figure, but growing in 43,000 ADSL lines in service, which shows that its convergent offering is catching on among its users.

The last six months, between the months of June to September, have not been exempt from Vodafone news, that increased to 1 GB of data traffic included in all its rates Base, launched its own 4 G and extended coverage of VDSL, allowing higher speed fixed broadband connections.

This Vodafone has failed to pass positive numbers in uptake of mobile lines, where it has lost the above 54,000 lines, but if that It has improved the data of the previous semester, and he has also added other 770,000 contracts rates Base and network, already contracted by more than three million customers of the operator.

Triumph of convergence

Results of Vodafone as well as let us see their growth in the ADSL market also show us that converged offerings are succeeding. In fact the 76% of fixed broadband customers operator they have at least one mobile line with themselves but this has not allowed that the revenues from this business have been lower, motivated by the competitiveness of the new offer according to the operator.

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