Vodafone Launches Mobile Payments in Spain with Wallet and SmartPass

Vodafone Launches Mobile Payments in Spain with Wallet and SmartPass

Vodafone Wallet It is the first purse service operator backed by an entity such as Visa in Europe which allows to save and use all their cards in the mobile. In principle can only be it pay by mobile, but throughout 2014 may also add discount coupons, or other types of cards such as those that give access to the library, the gym or on the bus, and instead of having to carry manure transport and lots of cards, can be everything in the mobile.

It’s one NFC-based application It will be available from today for Android and IOS through which the user will be able to pay for your purchases bringing your phone one of the 300,000 POS you can already find identified with the distinctive “contactless”.

How does Vodafone Wallet?

Before anything, you need to make use of mobile payments:

  • A NFC SIM Vodafone.
  • A NFC compatible Vodafone Smartphone Vodafone wallet. From today it will be approved the S4 Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One while the rest of smartphones with or without NFC You can also make use of the service with one Tag SmartPass you will receive at home to fix it in the back of the mobile.
  • Download the App Vodafone Wallet for the time being only is Android through Vodafone Updates, and configure it with your name, email and a PIN which will ask you whenever you open the application. It will soon arrive to iOS and Windos Phone and Blackberry.
  • Add a card from the application Visa Vodafone SmartPass or other cards in that loaded is payments. At the moment the SmartPass Visa only may be added and in the coming weeks also on other entities that you use regularly.

The Visa Vodafone SmartPass card will be available as a prepaid card to control spending and that it is possible to recharge by bank transfer or with your regular credit card as a launch promotion, it will include Ten free euros If you recharge it before December 31 and are one of the first 5,000.

A card that will be used to start paying with the mobile from the outset and that like the rest of cards, you will have a physical card with its corresponding PIN that you can use in those establishments where do not accept payments contactless purchases by internet to make safer or to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Vodafone Wallet will also be possible to do direct transfers of money to other users SmartPass knowing only their mobile phone number.

Security payments

Once you have everything prepared, within the application you can only open if you know the PIN, you find your cards that you can keep activated to pay automatically with the POS contactless even with the mobile turned off or if you prefer, You can leave it disabled to activate only at the moment of bringing your smartphone to pay.

In the event that you decide to have a permanently activated card, It will ask you the PIN to confirm payment on purchases over 20 euros by default although this limit can vary it to your liking.

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