Vodafone Also Improved The Rates for Mobile Internet Tablet and Computer

Closing the developments that Vodafone He has presented today along with the renewal of the contract rates and the lowering of prices of their smartphones, the operator has also improved their rates of Mobile Internet to tablet computer It will be available from November 25.

And as usual will be from now on, Vodafone will also report the price of their Mobile Internet with VAT rates included in addition to introduce several improvements that are in the following way:

  • You will no longer need to have contracted a rate network access at the rate of 1 GB. All rates are available to tablet computer.
  • Add 500 MB at the rate that until now had 2 GB.
  • Rebate of more than 12 euros the price of the rate of 10 GB.
  • All modalities include activated by default 4G up to 150 Mbps speed.
  • Speed reduced in case of exceeds the data initially passes of 64 to 32 Kbps if you don’t hire bonus extra.

Special rates for tablet, Mifi or USB modem are follows:

Current customers with rate of 1 GB for 10 euros + VAT It was available for subsidized tablets and clients with network rates, passes from 1 GB 1.2 GB with the surplus to 32 Kbps while the new rate of 1 GB for 11 euros with VAT included will be available only for new hires.