Imperialism and war

Uncle Sam (Uncle Sam in English) is the national personification of the United States and, specifically, of the American government.

When Bush denounced the Kyoto Protocol on global warming, the London Financial Times commented:

“The anti-regulatory stance at home and the unilateralist focus on the outside are signs that the US government will be the most conservative since World War II [1939-45].” [14]

This trend was reinforced dramatically following the 11 September of the 2001, especially with the vigorous advance of the Bush administration into a war to impose a “regime change” in Iraq, with obsequious support always Tony Blair. On the first anniversary of the attacks in New York and Washington, a new National Security Strategy was released that begins with the statement:

“The United States possesses unprecedented — and unmatched — strength and influence in the world” and concludes with the warning: “Our forces will have sufficient power to deter potential adversaries from initiating a military escalation in the hope of overcoming or equal the might of the United States. ” [fifteen]

What President Barack Obama did when preventing the progress that is urgently required to save the planet at the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, the installation of military bases in Colombia and the attitude towards the coup in Honduras shows that this position Imperial is beyond who occupies the presidential seat in the White House.

The national image that the United States has of itself, as protectors and defenders of legality, freedom, and democracy, is founded on the belief that they possess moral superiority (because they are the “chosen people”). This assumption has allowed them to justify their meddling in the internal affairs of other peoples (who are not “God’s chosen”) or outright violence against them. The first interventionist attitude inspired by the spirit of “Manifest Destiny” [16] It was the obsession of the English colonists to displace from their lands (or to exterminate) the North American Indians. As for its relationship with other nations, the United States tends to handle its foreign relations as if it were a moral crusade. He generally justifies his actions with two arguments, either that of the “strong nation that protects the weak,” as the vast majority of American nations can see; or that of “the fight against Evil to defend the freedom and security of the world”, as he currently claims regarding his invasion of Afghanistan.

Occupy Wall Street

According to youremailverifier, Occupy Wall Street is a social movement that some compare to the demonstrations in Tahrir Square, in Cairo and the Spanish Indignados. Participants in the demonstrations, which began in Zuccotti Park, formerly known as ” Plaza de la Libertad Park “And that have spread to various states, they consider themselves part of the 99% that refuse to continue tolerating the greed and corruption of the 1% that appropriates wealth. Their motto, which demands an economy that is put at the service of the people It extends to the regulation of financial markets, the limitation of their influence on political life, the creation of a Public Bank and a fair and equitable distribution of wealth.

In mid- 2011, the Canadian group Adbusters Media Foundation proposed a peaceful occupation of Wall Street to protest corporate influence on democracy, in the face of a growing wealth disparity, and the absence of legal repercussions following the recent global financial crisis. Activists from the Anonymous group also encouraged their followers to participate in the protests that increased with the passing of days.

The first manifestation of the movement took place in lower Manhattan and Wall Street where some 20,000 indignant people decided to establish a protest camp on September 17, thus initiating the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

At the hearing of demonstrations in New York, the Movement 15-M in Spain protested opposite the Stock Exchange of Madrid as a show of support for the US incensed. Other cities that joined the protests within the United States were: San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.

By October 8, the protests against economic inequality and financial power had already spread to 45 of the 50 states of the country, becoming a daily topic in the mass media and on the streets of dozens of cities. Hundreds of people were arrested for participating in the protests.


In December 2006, the WikiLeaks website came to light, which released various secret documents to the public, in which the United States government was mainly involved. The 15 of March of 2010 Wikileaks released a report of the United States Department of Defense in which several leaks was carried out by this website related to US interests and proposed various ways to marginalize it. [17]

On April 5, 2010, WikiLeaks published a video [18] showing US soldiers assassinating Reuters reporter Namir Noor-Eldeen, his assistant and nine other people. Some when they came to take away the dead and wounded. It is clear that no one present made any attempt to attack the Apache helicopter from which they were being fired, they did not even look at it.

Although the Reuters agency requested the video on numerous occasions, it was denied until WikiLeaks obtained this unpublished video that puts the US military in check, showing the true image of this army in the world. [19]

After releasing thousands of secret documents, the Pentagon has threatened WikiLeaks and its Australian administrator Julian Assange to return military documents that have not yet been published by the Internet news outlet.

The 8 of January of 2011 a court ordered US social network Twitter to provide account information of the digital Wikileaks site and some of his collaborators to the Justice Department. According to CNN television, the court demanded documents related to the portal’s founder, Julian Assange, and soldier Bradley Manning, whom they accuse of providing information published on the controversial page, Prensa Latina reports. [twenty]

The United States has taken numerous measures against the site, including the deactivation of the PayPal online payment service, through which it receives at least part of its funding, the WikiLeaks site. PayPal, which belongs to the eBay auction portal, reported on its blog that “PayPal has permanently restricted the account used by WikiLeaks due to the violation of PayPal’s acceptable use policy which states that our payment service cannot be used for activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity. We have notified the account holder of this action ”.

Occupy Wall Street

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