Tools-Tips For Choosing A Laptop, Flashlight

Get the flashlight to the basis of their own needs and the conditions of use. It’s very simple, the device will not be able to work in extreme situations, by clicking on the “Advanced”, you will be forced to change often of power supplies.

The Application Of Lanterns

Lighting can be useful, not only at night, but by day. A laptop with the light source is indispensable:
for замочных lighting dark corridors wells;
for lighting of wells, cellars, cellar;
for a walk in the dark places;
to search for things, закатившейся under a cupboard, sofa or in bed;
for accidents in power plants and electrical power outages;
hiking tour and during the activity in nature.

In all these situations completely wrong normal. There are professionals and models, designed for the military, sailors, guards, fire department divers, lifeguards and representatives of other similar professions.These devices are more expensive and are of high power, a variety of modes of operation, and reliable body, also protects against dust, dirt, shocks and water.

Types Of Flashlights

Manual Universal device, which is most common during the time you need to hold in your hands. They can be compact and of normal size.The latter are more power, versatility and functionality.

Tactical -give powerful Strait light beam focus and are, generally, as a pointer to the target.
Of interest (flashlight bulb) – allow light to diffuse light of large size.

Foci -generate powerful, but a narrow beam of light that can illuminate the same distant items.

Налобные–are attached to the head by means of a belt or rubber bands. Such devices free of the hand and used by cyclists, amateur adventure sports and also miners and спелеологами. Powerful devices may consist of two parts – a lantern with handle to head and charger mounting device for attaching to your belt.

Submarines are used for the practice of diving and underwater works. A feature of such projects is waterproof glossy body and a powerful luminous flux.
Flashlights-Keyring-compact low power devices simple. The your weight, generally, no more than 50 g and a length of up to 10 см.

Пушлайты-represent a low-cost, round lights that you can fix inside the tent in the wall of the garage.

The most expensive are underwater flashlights and floodlights, and the cheapest–charms and пушлайты according to

Technical Specifications

Power luminous flux. The power of the beam of light is measured in lumens. Candle wax has a rate of 1 lm. The greater the flow of energy, brighter and will continue to shine, consuming more energy. This indicator depends, above all, the type of a flashlight. On average, power, luminous flux of locksmith is 10-20 lm, налобных 30-100 лмот devices–300 lm. For household use only enough 30-100 lm.

The flashlight can be marked buld lumen (without considering the losses in optical system) or torch lumen (with consideration of losses in the reflector).
Type of lamp. Most flashlights are equipped with leds. Led light bulb, economical, resistant to mechanical shocks and have high degree of efficiency.
The number of diodes. The more diodes installed in the lamp, the luminous flux and the higher the price of the appliance. The cheaper models have 1 led, and powerful ladies and designs, your number can reach several dozens.
The optical system. If the budget devices represent a box with a light bulb and batteries, is expensive flashlights additionally equipped with reflectors (reflectors), through which the luminous flux is pointed in the right direction.
Lisa reflectors produce a narrow beam of light, which illuminates distant objects. Textured reflectors give a great beam of light of the space in the vicinity of the user. For tourists and hunters are preferable lanterns with good reflector, and for domestic use are an excellent choice with текстурированным reflector.
The type of feed. The handlamp can work from батареекаккумуляторов or from both sources.
If you are using a device with frequency, it is best to choose the device, eating of AA, AAA, c or D in quantities of 1 to 6 pieces. For permanent use, it pays to choose a more expensive battery option.
Note the way of reloading: the device can be powered from the mains, cigarette lighter, USB port, solar panels, and also Dynamo power generation machine through мускульных effort of man.

The weight. Compact flashlights often weigh from 15 to 30 g, so, as a figure similar projects professionals can reach 2 кг. As a general rule, the more unity, more he will be more powerful and more expensive.
The battery life. The duration of the job depends directly on batteries used and power luminous flux, therefore, to save energy, experts advise include, when possible, the appliance in average power. The average duration is 10 to 50 hours.

Additional Resources

The lights can be equipped with several useful features that make your operation more convenient:
adjust the brightness to the power control luminous flux;
operating mode selection: gives the opportunity to serve with the lantern light distress call, put it in flashing strobe light, and so on.;
protection against dust and humidity: prolongs the useful life of the device, even when неаккуратном;
shock protection: protects against strong mechanical impacts;
focus adjustment: allows you to switch between the neck long and wide beam around lighting;
Quick insertion;
the battery charge indicator: indicates when to charge the device;
arm surface: promotes the setting of flashlight on hand.

These functions in one degree or another, can be implemented as in hotels, and in cheaper storage devices. Many models equipped with optional equipment: светофильтрами, resort, hooks, тросиками, and so on.

The Cost Of Lanterns

Buy the most simple and cheap flashlight can be for 100-300 rubles.This includes key ring, пушлайты and small hand model.
In the category of price of 400-800 rubles, you can find almost lanterns of all kinds, especially with the use of AAA or AA.
Added 1-2 тыс device. руб. featured Chinese products, Russian and European brands. Such lights give a powerful luminous flux, equipped with reflectors and can have up to 15 of modes of operation.
Lanterns in 3-6 тыс. руб. is reliable ergonomic, calculated over the long period of duration and with bodies who are not afraid of water, falls and overheating. They have the ability to change the focus and ability to luminous flux, and often completed with the covers, straps, hooks and clips.
6,5 тыс. руб. Plus, you can acquire a source of light at a high level, with powerful spotlights illuminating the path of 1 to 2 km of deep water lanterns and other models for professional jobs.