They Are Lampraras Who Would Say It?

They Are Lampraras Who Would Say It?

Original Lamps

Sometimes things are not what they seem or not look like what they are. As these lamps that I show below.

These hats are actually the lamps Wooster and Jeeves, made with aluminium interior felt to increase the reflection of light according to Created by Jake Phipps, they are a tribute to British history since they represent classes of end of the 19th century, when men belonging to the high society looked top hat and working-class bowler.

Imu Design lights carpet, although original idea is the designer Johanna Hirkäs who devised a carpet which serves two functions. The idea is simple, it is woven with a strip of leds inside, I think even we could do it ourselves.

Design Code Flamp Noir with the philosophy of the design-a-porter (design within the reach of everyone), wanted to create a lamp economic and easy to transport that took them to think in a box with the silhouette of a lamp to identify it as such.

Johon Moncrieff globe-shaped lamp . How many times we have wondered where to go to helium balloons when escaping us? because this designer decided that they would be caught under the roof, although it is also the version of wall.

Wout Wessemius you Naugé a very realistic cloud made in polyester. its appearance is frankly theatrical. A giant match, the Match Ligt Lamp Chaiyut Plypetch, gives you the option to change the screen in white or red depending on the timing…

Masif Designs Tetra Lamp, Tetra Brik of polypropylene

Pablo Designs Umbrella Lamp, not suitable for superstitious who believe that opening an umbrella indoors brings bad luck. It has two standing and desktop versions.

Liquid Lamp by Kouichi Okamoto. A bucket spilling paint, quirky and surreal to give an artistic touch to any place.

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