The New Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE + Arrived Rapidly and Almost

The New Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE + Arrived Rapidly and Almost

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE

Friends of the so-called Phablets, the Smartphones with a huge display, can look forward. With the Galaxy note 3 neo LTE + comes the insanely fast and slightly more compact successor of the successful Galaxy note 3 in this country on the market. With us, you can now pre-order this handsome Smartphone, because we have it soon at our online store! The Galaxy note 3 a 5.49 inches (13,94 cm – ““) has great Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixel neo LTE + – display and resolution are rated 3 so slightly slower than in the Galaxy. The Galaxy note 3 neo LTE + has following features: firstly, the Galaxy is 3 Note neo LTE + at the down and upload data rapidly. It supports LTE cat 4 for up to 150 MBit / s when the data download and up to 50 MBit / s for upload of data! On the other hand, it is powered by a Hexa-core processor, consisting of two cortex-A15 cores with 1.7 GHz and four cortex-A7 cores with 1.3 GHz. These are used depending on the load. Thanks to the dual structure, the Galaxy is 3 Note neo LTE + very economical and saves the 3,100 mAh powerful battery. The memory of the Galaxy note 3 neo LTE + is 2 GB, the internal memory can be expanded up to 64 GB with a microSD card.

The Galaxy is particularly practical 3 Note neo LTE + for those looking for a Smartphone, they can work with and who hold the occasional note on the road sometimes or something sketch the Galaxy note 3 neo LTE + features namely like its predecessor a practical S-pen. With this PIN, you can on the Galaxy note 3 neo LTE + produce sketches and handwritten notes, and much more: In the “action memo” notes can be created with “Scrapbook” you can save parts of the screen as a snapshot in a binder or sort by time and place with the “S-Finder” notes and information.

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The New Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE + Arrived Rapidly and Almost 1

Samsung Galaxy S5

Since the rumors began in 2013 until its release on February 24, 2014, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 generated great intrigue over what would be the South Korean company in the fifth generation of high-end smartphones. Much controversy revolved around what would be this remake of this series of mobile devices, however all those generated doubts were answered with its launch.

Before going into technical details necessary to highlight that this device exceeded by 10% the number of units sold in the first month of its release by the distributors of mobile phones globally in comparison with its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4 reaching the figure of 11 million units sold.

While maintaining certain similar aspects in terms of design and software in comparison with its predecessor (Samsung Galaxy S4), this new version has a new range of functions.

Amoled technology in a portable device

As seen in previous generations of this series, Samsung furnished this device with a screen Full HD with technology Amoled (active matrix OLED) 5.1 “and a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels has incredible clarity thanks to the high contrast of the same. This screen looks light anywhere that is to be optimised and adapt to offering the best possible image quality.

The New Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE + Arrived Rapidly and Almost 2

Dust and water resistance

Due to sensitivity to water that possesses technology OLED, it was necessary to strengthen the system of safety device in order to avoid permanent damage to the display and other components. This “innovation” gave an advantage to the terminal against its rivals such as the Iphone 5s. As the official website of the manufacturer:

“Nature can not on this phone. The S5 Galaxy is resistant to sweat, rain, sand and dust, so you can take it with you wherever you go.”

New range of sensors

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes equipped with a wide range of sensors that not only they will make a much more practical use, but that you can also monitor your health. Such is the case of his new heart rate sensor that allows you to measure your heart rate with just a touch. Similarly, this device comes equipped with another sensor of fingerprint or Finger Scanner, which will ensure greater security to your device and access to shopping and applications without typing a password. In addition to the above we can find in this issue other types of sensors such as the of gestures, Hall Sensor, accelerometer, geomagnetic Sensor, Gyro Sensor, light Sensor, proximity Sensor barometer.

The New Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE + Arrived Rapidly and Almost 3

Samsung Gear fit

The Samsung Gear Fit has a screen of just 1.84 “, is the first portable device with screen Amoled curve in the world, allows an immediate synchronization with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and through text messages, calls and emails can monitor. Similarly, this gadget has a sensor that will monitor your heart rate. Its long battery life allows a prolonged use of the same to the highest performance.

More real pictures

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with two cameras, front camera has a resolution of 2.1Mp and allows you to capture HD video at 1080 p with 30 frames per second. This device is equipped with a 16 Mp resolution rear camera (4640 x 3480 pixels), System autofocus, LED flash, face and smile; focus touch, stabilizer of image, HDR, simultaneous capture and capture video with 30 fps 4K or HD Ultra (UHD).

Elegance and technology

The back cover of Samsung Galaxy S5 unlike his predecessor has a texture of drilled it gives a unique look to the device. This equipment is available in four satin colours which enhance the elegance of the same.

Samsung was a little more conservative on this computer, however the improvements and developments of the same give very good spine of what the South Korean company will bring for the future coming ever more quickly.

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