Telescopic Rods – Quickly, Easily and Simply

Telescopic Rods – Quickly, Easily and Simply

Ahhhh, that was wonderful. The Sun was laughing in the morning by the blue sky. What to do? Go natural – fishing. But halt…es’s predator protection. The solution was found quickly, there should be a bike tour in combination with a short trip to the water on coarse fish. But don’t sit down and wait was announced – the fish should be searched, make many meters, and fish in many areas. Little tackle & luggage was with.

Only the bare essentials. Nets, fishing rods, odds and ends. For such a tour is a very specific type of fishing rod: the telescopic Rod. Many anglers they dislike, hold hard for styleless, to, etc, etc. But the telescopic Rod has an unbeatable advantage on a hike to the water: usually they are very sturdy and above all very easy to transport. That telescope technology. On a bike or in the backpack a 2, 40 m-rod on a transport length of 60 to 70 cm can be pushed together and is just much better carry than, for example, a push rod with transport length of 130 cm and more.

For the current tour, there should be 2 rods, that can score with following technical details.

Whisper tele 25

Conclusion: Thanks to the carbon shares more easily, yet robust and with a transport length of 75 cm, good. The litter weight range from 8 to 25 grams allows a very variant submission fishing.

T-Rex tele spin

Conclusion: The name says it. Stable and virtually indestructible composite construction. Therefore something harder, but super resistant. The litter weight range from 20 to 40 grams completely covers the all-round range. Great: Colored tip for better bite detection.

Even the mentioned robustness features especially the T-Rex. This rod is a real Outdoortalent and is extremely insensitive to the hard to reach areas of the river tour. Just when it goes through the thickets along the River, a fishing rod must be not too sensitive, too fast is broken the top or even the complete blank. Already a drop can result in an expensive and sensitive carbon Rod finest damage. During transport the bike ruggedness is announced, constant vibration on dirt roads, and so on can be a rod hard. Then the deadline is on water already after a few casts and the ride goes directly back home. The expensive rod is history. Do we want that? No, of course not.

For fast fishing, we combine our rods with 2000-3000 rolls, a 0.25mm monofilament line (DEGA Centron). The basic Assembly is elected and is just as easy as the transport. Equipped by the rod tip to the bait as follows: lead (in this case, JENZI pen olives in 30 grams) – rubber bead (spare nodes!) – Eddy – bound all-round hook size 10. That’s it already. Now will be migrated and the fish. Worms and maggots are – tried it once, huge fun! Tight lines, your team JENZI

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