Spain is a kingdom in southwestern Europe. The capital is in the city of Madrid. Religion – Catholicism. Monetary unit – euro. It is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. Plateaus and mountains make up about 90 percent of its territory.

According to Mcat-Test-Centers, Spain is a country with an ancient history and culture, a land of deep natural differences that are reflected in its climate, culture, and life forms. Spain occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula, consists of seventeen autonomous Communities, as well as the islands of the Balearic and Canary archipelagos.
About 40 million people live in Spain. The official language is Spanish (Castilian). Some autonomies speak their own national languages.

On the mainland and the Balearic Islands, the time is 2 hours behind Moscow, and on the Canary Islands, 3 hours behind.

Spain is a dream country, a mystery country throughout its history that has excited the imagination of man. Do you prefer a calm and comfortable stay on the shores of a warm gentle sea? Or do you yearn to turn back time and touch the rich heritage of a whole series of ancient civilizations? Or tired of the oppressive monotony of city life, are you looking for adventure and thrills?

Come to Spain and you will definitely find everything you were looking for. Bright sun, magnificent sea, golden sand, world-famous monuments of antiquity, famous museums and, of course, the hospitality of its people – cheerful, talented and proud. One has only to visit a bullfight once, see a fiery flamenco, walk along the narrow streets of a medieval city, become a witness, or maybe a participant, of an incendiary folk festival – and Spain will forever remain in your heart!

Spain is one of the warmest states in Western Europe. The number of sunny days is 285. The time on the mainland of Spain and the Balearic Islands is 2 hours behind Moscow, on the Canary Islands – 3 hours.

Language – Spanish, Catalan, Valencian. The largest cities in Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga. Spain is considered an open-air museum. The most famous museum in Spain is the Prado Museum (Madrid).

To enter the country you need a Schengen visa. The duration of a visa for a stay of less than a month is 7 days.

Flight duration
Moscow – Barcelona – 4 hours, Moscow – Palma de Mallorca – 4.5 hours, Moscow – Malaga – 5 hours, Moscow – Tenerife – 7 hours.

Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Russia: Moscow, st. B. Nikitskaya, 50/8; tel.: (495) 690-2993, 690-3054, 916-5400, fax: (495) 691-9171, [email protected]

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Madrid
: C/Velazquez, 155; phone/fax: (91) 562-22-64, 411-08-07, [email protected]

Consulate General in Barcelona: av. Pearson, 34; phone/fax: (34-93) 280-02-20, 204-02-46, 280-55-41, [email protected] Ambulance: 061, police: 091, rescue service: 122, general inquiry: 095, fire department: 080

You can call Russia from Spain for money or with a “Tarjeta telefonica” card from a Telefonica network machine on the street or from a hotel room.

Telephone codes of cities: Alicante – 96, Barcelona – 93, Valencia – 96, Granada – 958, Girona – 972, Cadiz – 956, Cordoba – 957, Las Palmas – 928, Madrid – 91, Malaga – 95.

Emergency phone numbers:
Police – 092
Ambulance – 061
Information – 098

It is very easy to get to various places here. The country has a large network of high-quality roads, as well as high-speed train lines. There are also several domestic airlines. Therefore, getting to almost all major cities will be easy.

So what, then, does not suit the second half of the tourists?

Some people after visiting Spain note that there are too many tourists in the country. When visiting various sights, many complain that when visiting them it is very difficult to push through and really consider something. The situation is the same with the beaches: there is literally no free piece of beach, and for many there is not enough space, even to put down your towel. Other dissatisfied tourists say that Spain is not a safe country. They believe that it is very easy to be robbed here or fall into the clutches of scammers.

Yes, these accusations are not unfounded, but you should still visit Spain. Yes, some resorts are very popular: there are a lot of people on the Costa de la Luz or the Costa Brava and many people are not very comfortable there. But there are many other places where you can find peace, quiet and enjoy your vacation. Also, it should be remembered that mostly tourists visit Spain from June to September. Therefore, if you go there at another time, you will not meet a large number of tourists and will be able to fully enjoy your vacation. In addition, all these problems relate to beach places. If you want to visit the cultural places of Spain, then you will not encounter such gaps. Unlike the beaches

Finally, it is worth mentioning the security of Spain. Yes, in fact, Spain has become less safe over the past few years, but this applies to the rest of the world as well. Therefore, you should not worry too much about this, but simply follow the usual measures to prevent crime.

Summing up all of the above, I want to say that Spain is neither heaven nor hell. But if you look at the pros and cons of the country, then of course there are much more pluses in it.

Spain Country Overview

Spain Country Overview
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