Sonavation Works in a Fingerprint Reader That Will Be Integrated into Gorilla Glass

Long talking about biometric security as the breakthrough that will conquer the market of mobile devices, and not in vain the own Google has parlayed her giving native support in Android M fingerprint readers.

With the recognition of iris in diapers, it seems that are the above-named fingerprint sensors which will tend to the standardization in the next batches of smartphones, since the high range and some middle range of leading manufacturers already have this biometric sensor.

For anyone who still doubts of this technology, not only to lock and unlock Smartphone fingerprint sensors are used, and it is that the future of mobile payments based probably great part of their security systems in this type of authentication.

In addition, the market is not still, and the truth is that the innovations that Sonavation has presented to us they will greatly help to convince manufacturers, who so far had to break the design of housing for the sensor, or insert it in a classic button similar to the one used by Samsung or Apple.

The American firm specializing in ultrasound has already prepared a new technology that will allow integrate biometric sensors in the own Gorilla Glass crystals, Thanks to the aforementioned ultrasonic it will be able to perform a scan in three dimensions of our fingerprint.

This will allow mimic under the glass of the fingerprint sensor device, which would cease to exist implications when it comes to integrate the sensor into the design of the device.

At the moment only it’s an ad, and is that not shown in operation technology Neither has been name to any interested in the system manufacturer. Be that as it may, Yes is a good example of where the market is headed.

In fact, since Sonavation indicate that its fingerprint registration through the glass technology can offer a high level of security improving integration into any device, thinking above all about the Internet of things.