So Our Relationship with Smartphones According to a Study by Motorola

So Our Relationship with Smartphones According to a Study by Motorola

With the presentation of the new range of Motorola this year 2015 still in the retina, the truth is that manufacturer of American origin has taken advantage of the launch of the bike 2015 G, Moto X Play and Moto X Style to introduce ourselves a curious survey data.

That’s right our relationship with a survey by Motorola smartphones about 7,000 adults in seven countries – including Spain – all taken with a dose of good humor and summarized in an interesting infographic which here we bring you.

For example, 60% of respondents (43% in Spain) claims to have slept regularly with the smartphone in hand, although only 39% (44% in Spain) claims to be happy with your smart phone.

We are sure that many see reflected some of their habits with the smartphone among the questions of the study, from what percentages are part?

On the other hand, confirms that many have replaced already magazines in the bathroom with your smartphone, specifically 57 per cent of Spaniards polled, which acknowledged using the phone on so intimate moment.

Many even claim that your smarpthone would be one of the first things to save in a fire, and most recognize their phones to interrupt them in meetings or important moments.

All you have a very interesting survey results on computer graphics We leave linked right here below:

Click to view full size.

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