Skirts:See the Model That Enhances Your Body

Skirts:See the Model That Enhances Your Body

Meet the body itself is one of the most important things when choosing an outfit, because it helps you to choose pieces that will enhance your silhouette and make you even more beautiful.

Who ever bought an outfit and then ended up not using? Sometimes happens, but if you already know what makes you comfortable and dressing well, it can be avoided. And that goes for any type of clothing including skirts.

Despite being a super democratic piece that can be used by any body type, each skirt model enhances or disguises a particular characteristic of the silhouette, so it is important to know which one is your favor.

Straight skirt

This model of skirt is good because it does not change the silhouette, since her clipping is equal to the waist. However, if you have the shoulder wider than the hips, it’s worth taking more care in time to use this template, because it will let your silhouette very straight and without curves.

Pencil skirt

Unlike the straight skirt, this model will taper along the length and so mark well the hip region, so time to bet on it, take that into consideration. If you like her skirt but you think you’re emphasizing the belly and it bothers you, opt for a shirt that cover. The most important thing is that you feel good about the look.

Skirt evasê

This is the best role model if you want to disguise your stomach and emphasize the waist. Despite being in the format, extending on the bar, she does little volume and is a great option for those who want to disguise your hips. To give a balance, combine with a fairer blouse.

Pleated skirt

This is one template that has the whole skirt pleats, which will generate volume in the hip and a larger region. If you want to disguise it, opt for another model. Who already wants to highlight the region can use without fear and matching skirt with tight sweaters, to give an even greater contrast.

Ball skirt

Like the evasê, but with a cutout that let her more voluminous, the ball is ideal for anyone who wants to enhance the hips. She has the same format as in the, but the difference of the model is that it counts with some folds or more tissue, which causes highlight the region. Following the same line, a tight shirt is the best option.


A true classic, the miniskirt is a piece that can be part of any wardrobe, the big question at the time of bet nala is take into consideration that will highlight the feathers. When shorter, higher the highlight. Other than that, she combines with almost any type of shirt and, of course, is a good choice for casual looks and stripped.


A skirt that is on the rise is the midi. With a discreet, she gets more or less at the time of the knee and so, in choosing this piece, it is worth remembering that she’s going to flatten the silhouette, because “shortens” the leg. Other than that, she’s fine on any body type and the combination is pretty easy.

Skirt models and options abound, remains to be seen on HEARTATTACKSKIRTS just what value your body!

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