Short, Long Or Completely Without – That Will Reveal Your Bedding Over You

Short, Long Or Completely Without – That Will Reveal Your Bedding Over You

Actually, we could not care what we carry at night – after all, hardly anyone sees.And yet the one person prefers to wear this one and the other prefer that. Why?Because the bedding can be an expression of the personality and reveals much about the preferences of its wearer.Do not you believe?We have prepared a small typology of the sleeping suits and their carriers – do you recognize yourself again?

Casual Shorty

Relaxed.If you have to describe yourself in a word – that would be it.But not only you yourself are uncomplicated and remain cool in every situation.Even with your life, your clothes, your job, simply everything is of top priority for you, that it is fun and you do not have to worry too much.And as you think in life, you also think about your clothes for the night.Sure, she should look good, but above all be comfortable and without unnecessary frills.Our Shorty is just right because it offers freedom of movement, looks casual and comes in your favorite colors: blue and gray.Quiet and fit for everything.What do you want more?

Practical Multi-Pack

The night is short enough, do you think, why should you still waste your precious time on the choice of the right bed linen?That’s why you simply buy your bedding in the combi-pack to fill up the wardrobe twice as fast – practically practical.Positive side effect: So a sleep suit in the two pack is also even cheaper than the single purchase, so you are saving so almost overnight money.Perfect for someone like you who attaches importance to efficiency and lives according to the motto “Who does not honor the penny is not worth the euro”.The calm conscience to live up to this motto also at night absolutely makes you sleep the better.

Elegant Sleepwear

You can play the Knigge from start to finish, of course, keep the door open for every woman, and you’re pretty sure blue blood flows in your veins?Then you are a gentleman through and through, and it is out of your question that you remain faithful to this role also in the bedroom.That’s why, if you could, you would simply go to bed in your suit, but that could crumple the fine twine, which is under no circumstances possible.You have found an acceptable substitute in elegant after-sleeves like this second-tier, which guarantees a stylish as well as relaxing night with a collar, button and breast pocket.

Linen Made of Natural Fibers

Actually, instead of sleeping in the bed, you would prefer to sleep outside under the stars, where the chirping of the crickets and the rustling of the trees accompany you in the dreams.However, because you would draw your attention to yourself and be almost impossible by the local climate, you will be satisfied with the traditional night rest because you have found at least the best in your sleeping suit for the feeling of the soft grass under your body.Soft cotton in natural colors, just as it was created by Mother Nature, feels light and pleasant.The certainty that the fabric is unbleached, harmless and absolutely skin-friendly, also gives your mind a light feeling.

Adams Costume

To fall asleep, you prefer to listen to David Hasselhoff’s “Looking for freedom” or let Marius Müller Westernhagen sing the song “Freiheit” to sleep, because this is the most important to you.This is also true at night, which is why you abandon everything that could constrict you – and this includes a sleeping suit.So you prefer to lie completely unclothed in the bed and enjoy the feeling when the draft, which comes through the always open window, sweeps over your skin – just as he does it, when you ride with your convertible through the area while – clearly – David Hasselhoff from the speakers.

We have introduced you several different possibilities.What type of sleeping suit is closest to you?

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