Samsung Publishes The Code of Samsung Galaxy S4

Following in the footsteps of others as HTC which recently published – and will be completing – the source code for some models of the HTC One, Samsung He has published the source code the kernel used in the Samsung Galaxy S4, and It has done so in three variants This terminal.

Thus, these three variants (I9500-GT, GT-9505 and SGH – 1337M) can be studied in detail by the part of the ‘chefs’ of custom ROMs, It will have at its disposal the information to prepare custom ROMs adapted to these devices.
The publication of the source code responds to the GPL license the Linux kernel used in the Android-based smartphones. Although it is not possible to access features and proprietary technologies from Samsung (as their new Sense interface, for example) if it is a crucial support for the development of custom ROMs.

In fact, a perfect example of those ROMs tailor-made for the Samsung Galaxy has been support that has had the Galaxy S3, which is one of the smartphones with more support among the developers of this type of solution. It is expected that a Samsung Galaxy S4 same thing happens. The code is available on the Samsung’s Open Source Repository (search by model number).