Samsung Galaxy SIII Also Receives CyanogenMod9

Samsung Galaxy SIII Also Receives CyanogenMod9

One of the advantages of acquiring popular Android smartphones is the support of the community. Also affected by other factors, as for example the facility to make modifications, but the truth is that the fact that is a best seller helps a lot. Well, if you have a Samsung Galaxy SIII will like to know that CyanogenMod 9 is now available.

Thanks to the Team Hacksung, responsible among others to recently Cyanogen Galaxy Note, we can enjoy a version nightly in this ROM in our lives. Ideal for those who want to enjoy Android in a simpler way and without customization layer of by means.

At the moment it is a version with some other fault so if you are looking for is a stable ROM to 100% it will be best that hopefully a time. Even so, as explain their creators, works pretty well but there are still things to solve. In addition, it’s an unofficial version.

However is a matter of time for this, or another version, finish making the leap to a stable ROM. Officially we know that soon will arrive earlier versions so you soon can enjoy CyanogenMod 9 without any problems and with all the features.

The installation process is the conventional: we put the ROM on the SD card, we begin the recovery (requires root before), Flash the ROM and then do the same with Google Apps. Factory Reseteamos (so that the calendars are synchronized) and reboot.

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