Samsung Galaxy S6, Below Expected Sales Figures According to The Latest Data

Samsung Galaxy S6, Below Expected Sales Figures According to The Latest Data

Very complicated is being done follow the latest flagship of Samsung sales figures, and is that while some analysts are optimistic in their analysis, others are not so and they are running sales below expectations.

Be that as it may, Samsung also helps too revealing terminals distributed but not sold directly, so its Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge figures can never discuss them with total reliability.

The latest data indicate sales forecasts of around 45 million units during this year 2015, surpassing its predecessor in the range without any problem.

Despite this, the Korean giant would not translating on good economic figures this positive fact, because Samsung could get to reduce your benefit up to 24% in the second quarter of the year if we comparásemos with the same period in 2014.

Cause it seems that I would be precisely the fact that we mentioned previously, and is that even though the manufacturer has distributed a large amount of their terminal units star, sales to end users would not be all that one would expect high.

In this frame of mind, and following the success of last year’s model, Samsung already they would be thinking about the new Galaxy Note 5 to help them return to green numbers in the most important period of the year, as the phablet star catalogue Android arrives after the summer, contemporary to the new iPhone and in time of end of year and Christmas campaigns.

Sony also seems to have played this card by 2015 leaving your hypothetical smartphone star renewed for those dates, so this season seems fair IFA in Berlin is more interesting than ever.

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