Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE Field Trials

Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE Field Trials

Samsung has sent us a prototype of an LTE smartphones to the test in the newsroom. Look with us and the Galaxy S2 LTE in the near mobile future of radio.

It is fairly conspicuous on the desk. Knew known but in this form for several months and not suitable to attract special attention at least to connect colleagues not to the peculiarity of this device would probably suspect it was a normal Samsung Galaxy S2 – a powerful Android Smartphone namely.

But this prototype, which the editorial staff in a more fru? was the stage of development, is behind its designation a small, but crucial additional: LTE. And this is a small sensation. Because it’s the first model with the new wireless technology, which was allowed to leave after the presentation at IFA the development labs.

Until recently, experts assumed that the hardware required for the Sparks after LTE standard is too big and too power-hungry, to fit into a classic Smartphone. The Galaxy S2 LTE proves that this assessment is no longer correct.

A chip, three standards

Who look very closely or in addition to its sister model of the standard series sets the S2 LTE, discovered but yet subtle differences: The prototype of LTE has a 4.5-inch touchscreen (diagonal 11.4 cm), which is 5 mm larger than the 4.3-inch display of the Galaxy S2 0.2 inch respectively.

The screen resolution remains unchanged with 480 x 800 pixels. The dimensions have grown slightly as a result of the larger displays: the LTE device is 130 mm high, 69 millimeters wide and 9.5 millimeters thick (S2: 125 x 66 x 9 mm). It also weighs more with 130 grams 14 grams.

The size and weight gain you? due to the footprint of the LTE technology be sharpened. However, it is impressive that the necessary components along with multiple antennas in a Smartphone as sleek fit.

The multimode chip supplied by Qualcomm, which is prototype, in which support? appreciated in addition to LTE on the frequency bands to 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz (with up to 100 Mbit / s in the downlink and up to 50 Mbit / s in the uplink) even the radio standards UMTS/HSPA + (around 900 and 2100 MB / s with maximum 21.1 Mbps downstream and 5.8 Mbit / s upstream), as well as EDGE (236,8 / 118.4 Kbps) and GPRS/GSM (53.6/13,4 kbit/s; Quad band 850 / 900/1800/1900 MHz). So that would be Galaxy S2 LTE fu? r provided the usage in all networks today are offered by German mobile network operators.

Strong inner life

Some more features to play into the inner workings of the Smartphone: while the Galaxy S2 of UMTS/HSPA-limited clock frequency is powered by a dual-core processor with 1.2 GHz, a stronger version with 1.5 GHz – a comprehensible decision of engineers working in the Galaxy S2 LTE because she enabled browser and apps quickly establishing faster flowing in data.

While LTE chip and processor consume considerably more power than the innards of a UMTS device as the Galaxy S2. Therefore, Samsung has also the battery up stet: 1850 mAh lithium-ion of the S2 LTE – delivers 1650 mAh are there in the standard version.

According to some sources, a chip and the necessary antennas fu should in the Galaxy S2 LTE also? r put the near-field transmission technology, NFC (Near Field Communications). This way, the Smartphone could exchange in the future, for example business cards by simply holding together with another NFC-capable mobile phone.

Also fu? r as a digital wallet (English digital wallet) the S2 LTE would already fit. Since the installed Android software but no apps or controls fur NFC showed, this was in practice not u? can.

The S2 LTE is powered by the Android ‘Gingerbread’ version. The version 2.3.5 has according to Google’s Android creator extensions fu? r on the 4G-Funk and just NFC.

Essentially the LTE prototype presented extensions such as gravel air, Allshare, mini diary and similar more itself but with the same range of features and apps like regular gingerbread-equipment – including the Samsungtypischen. The more hardware-facilities of the Galaxy S2 LTE corresponds to the series model Galaxy S2 – what the device need not to hide:

8-megapixel main camera with LED Flash and 2-megapixel front-facing camera, WI-FI for fast 802. 11n standard, Bluetooth 3.0 with wide Profilunterstu? support, A-GPS, USB 2.0, acceleration and proximity sensors like a digital compass qualify as one of the top models in the product portfolio from Samsung. 16 GB Flash memory, are built of are u? can be extended nor with a micro-SD card.

With the currently available 32 GB card is the capacity of fu? r upgrade apps and data at 48 gigabytes. And if the firmware will support also the coming 64-GB-Micro-SDHCs that the foreseeable maximum would be proud 80 GB. The wu? would last but not least the iPhone 4S clear overflows.

Still no live test possible

Of course connect did everything, to try out the LTE arts of the unit in practice. Unfortunately, this endeavor but not of success was crowned. Despite alternating Bestu? aging with LTE SIM cards by Telecom and Vodafone and targeted driving of several supposedly LTE powered regions the Samsung partout not in the LTE network liked a book. Also intensive consultations unfortunately no clarification brought the cause with the network operators and Samsung.

The presumption is however very near that the LTE networks have simply rejected the unknown end device type. Finally, there was only USB sticks fu? r the LTE reception. In this respect, we need you Praxiseindru? crackers and withheld information about the battery life unfortunately until further notice. Once appropriate test results are available, connect will deliver but they definitely.

Anyway also the German system operators not quite ready would be, that the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE could be useful in their radio cells: so the previously operated LTE networks support neither the handover between LTE cells still the fallback when running connection on UMTS or GPRS.

Also make calls via LTE would be only u? ber detours possible by itself unlike the phone? r either national in the GSM or UMTS network or would result in the conversation via Voice over IP. According to Samsung in Germany, the market launch of the Galaxy S2 LTE is fu? r planned the first quarter 2012.

A price recommendation not said the manufacturer so far. Although the LTE prototype outside of test laboratories still has his first live appearance, he impressed stand today with abundant facilities, large scope of services, as well as the compact form, which Samsung has succeeded despite the enormously complex LTE technology. Let us surprise, whether the Galaxy S2 LTE the first production-ready 4 g model in Germany will be – or whether a third-party is faster.


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