Russia Gives an Ultimatum to Google Than The Mobile Android Only Come with Google Play

Google does not have it easy at all sites of the market and there are countries who question her position to create a fairer market where competitors can participate. Russia in particular is choking you and it is that regulators in the country have given a last warning to the Mountain View company.

The Federal market Commission (FTC for its acronym in English) takes time behind Google to remove the monopoly that the Agency believes that the company has today. In Russia they have decided to go further and Google has until November 18 to stop packaging its services in the smartphones and tablets that are sold in the country.

The same point for all

The Russian anti-monopoly body has ruled in favor of Yandex (a local competitor of Google) and since the middle of the coming month Google will have to stop to put the inspirational of its services on mobile phones that are on sale. The only one that can come by default is the Play app store.

Of course users will still be free to install GMail, Maps, Drive, etc.. but that pursues Russia is that the user has a choice of applications you want to and that those of Google not depart with an advantage over others. Must be borne in mind that Android, according to estimates, has 65% market share in Russia.

What can happen to Google? At the moment it seems unfeasible not to yield to this ultimatum means to leave the country and all indications are that in the worst case would be a fine equivalent to 15% of the profits of Google services. According to the analysts, 15% of some 560 million dollars.