Review Of Zip Sweater X-Air, Solo Lady Thermo

Review Of Zip Sweater X-Air, Solo Lady Thermo

The Blouse Zip X-Air Lady Thermo it is a model of second skin (base layer) of the soil. The main proposal is that she keep dry skin, facilitating the flow of sweat for your fabric and evaporation. The general impression on the shirt is excellent! The fabric is extremely comfortable, stay away from humidity, is breathable and dries fast still. Modeling is great and makes her a second skin super versatile. See below for more detailed and technical information.

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As commented, the characteristics that first catch the eye are the softness, flexibility and, mainly, the texture of the fabric.


He has two completely different textures on each side of the fabric.

Technically, it works like this:

The inner side, which is in contact with the skin, is a smooth texture, formed by a checkered grid. The “boxes” have the function of absorbing moisture to the skin. The unit goes through the fabric and, on another surface, the moisture spreads causing evaporation is twice faster than in a cotton fabric. The channels between the boxes allow more breathability of the fabric.According to the brand, this Polartec fabrics technology ® Power Dry ® removes the moisture from the body at least 30% more than other tissues.


In addition, the fabric is extremely flexible, which makes it very comfortable, without limiting any movement.


By having the function of being a second skin and be in direct contact with the skin, the shirt has flat seams, preventing the skin to become marked – more a comfort factor.


The blouse has a female modeling, following the curves of the body. This is important not only because it adds value to the body, but also because, to perform the function of keeping the body dry, she needs to be just (against) in the body – not too tight, not too loose.


The model that we experienced was the PP size was very suitable, with the exception of the sleeves that were slightly long. So that the shirt has the expected performance in keeping the body dry, it needs to be purchased from a correct size, so don’t be equitable or too loose.

We recommend strongly that you try the sweater before you buy to make sure you’re in the proper size. It is worth mentioning that, by having flat seams (with the exception of the sleeves and trunk), it cannot be reformed.


After washed in machine (with centrifugation), we find that drying was 2 times faster than dry cotton fabric.

Solar Protection

According to the brand, “and sta blouse has 50 + FPS, which blocks between 98 and 99% UVA and UVB with preflight test for SOIL made by renowned international laboratory (Arpansa). ”


This model we tested zipper and turtlenecks. At the top of the collar, there’s some kind of enclosure to the zipper be “guarded” when fully closed. This “room” eventually becomes a little uncomfortable, disturbing a bit when atrita with the neck or Chin.It’s just a detail. The zipper is the prestigious Ykk brand.

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Recommendation of use

Whereas the system of layers, she would be the first layer, the one that is in direct contact with the skin and which aims to keep the dry adventurer. However, depending on the intensity of the cold, she can quietly be used as single layer or just with a windbreaker over, since your design causes it to not have an appearance of “underwear”.

But it is worth commenting that, if used as the first layer and with a fleece over the top, depending on the model of the fleece, the collar of her inside can be uncomfortable or ugly visually.Depending on your preferences and the use you want to give the shirt, there is a possibility to buy a similar model, but without the high collar.

Despite being a technical clothing conceived to be used in outdoor activities, your comfort, beauty and practicality make the blouse is a play Joker, whose use would fit very well on trips or urban use.

Evaluation and Infor Freemasons

Major strengths: The product is excellent, comfortable, beautiful, lightweight, versatile and efficient.

Main negative points: The product does not find any downside, unless the matter of being a little expensive.

Average price: 280 R$ (Orientista Store on sale! Of R$299, by R$199!
Brand: Soil
Origin: Made in Brazil

-Female Model
Sizes: PP, P, M, G
Colors: Black, Purple

-Male Model
Sizes: P, M, G, GG
Colors: Black, Grey

This product was provided by Mark, but does not represent a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies on Reviews.

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