Real Beauty: Plus Size Artist Uses The Body To Break Down Prejudices

Real Beauty: Plus Size Artist Uses The Body To Break Down Prejudices

It is common to be bombarded with images of beautiful women, but to have measures and features that almost always don’t represent us.

The fashion industry and beauty always comes up with a new diva or muso so we can drool and suffer for not being part of this “select default”.

But does not belong is not a bad thing-and that’s what the play “Nothing to Lose” (or “nothing to lose”, in translation liver) shows. Using people as well people like us, the Director Kate Champion tries to break this model almost intangible about the play, which was part of the 39th annual Festival Sydney, Australia. The idea is to make you rethink the concept of real beauty imposed by magazines and other media.

The presentation also featured the participation of real beauty activist Kelli Jean Drink water.The artist is also known for trying to show people, by means of art and performance, your experience with having a body obese-always with good humor and challenging people to rethink what we know as beauty.

“I was trying to perform a presentation using performancistas ‘ weight ‘ when Kate Champion asked me to collaborate with your piece. I loved that both of us were conceptually connected, even having different perspectives, “said Kelli in an interview with The Huffington Post.

“As a team, we discuss the topic with authenticity so that the play was beyond the usual approach and dialogue when it comes to ‘ plus size ‘. This approach is based on experience of the cast and has a defined focus in the Repertoire of movements, “says Kelli. “Our goal is to provide a space where the public is able to investigate the complexity of these artists and the relationships with their bodies, which can cause discussions about ‘ the body ‘ size and challenge any preconceptions that the public can have.”

Check out some photos of the presentation and get inspired to love their curves (be they more larguinhas or not).

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