Qualcomm Is Now Ready to Offer Wireless Charging Also Devices with Metal Housing

Qualcomm Is Now Ready to Offer Wireless Charging Also Devices with Metal Housing

We knew that before or after the Wireless charging is would eventually standardize in the majority of mobile devices, or at least more high-end smartphones, which in past generations have been integrating a non-essential feature but appreciated by many users.

However, so far available load standards they did not allow charging terminals with metal housing, Electromagnetic induction is not too much friend of metallic materials not designed specifically for this technology.

This was a major problem in the era of devices manufactured with premium materials, so many manufacturers had put hands to work to find a solution, which Qualcomm has just officially announced.

The new iteration of the technology Qualcomm WiPower is now ready to operate terminals manufactured with metal casing, and will do so using wireless Chargers with the Rezence that the Alliance technology for Wireless Power – also integrated by Qualcomm – aims to standardize, and that they use more tolerant frequencies with metal.

The downside is that It will not be backward compatible with existing metal devices, because Qualcomm has arranged a series of design guidelines for new metallic devices can use this technology without any problem.

Undoubtedly good news for the industry and the users of which the American giant of the hardware can feel proud but darkened by the need for a specific design to be used. We will see if the leading manufacturers are willing to adopt these design references.

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