Creative, alternative, sustainable, innovative, green and so much more. Portland, the largest city in Oregon, is a place that is a little bit the model city of the USA and offers a very special flair. In addition, visitors can also expect a lot of nature, tax-free shopping, numerous breweries, a lot of handicrafts and an incredible creative scene.

But also a lot of clichés. The US TV series “Portlandia” seems to be a parody at first glance. But – it is said – reality and television are very similar, which makes the visit even more exciting.

We have summarized some reasons for and information about the unique city in Oregon for you. Portland is located in the northwestern United States on the northwestern edge of Oregon.

Numbers, data, facts about Portland

  • Foundation: February 8, 1851
  • State: Oregon
  • Time zone: Pacific (UTC-8 / -7)
  • Population: 654,741 (2019, estimated)
  • Area: 376.5 square kilometers
  • Population density: 1,734.7 people per square kilometer
  • Height: 15.2 meters
  • Postcodes: 97222-97296
  • Area code: +1 503, 971
  • Mayor: Ted Wheeler
  • Nicknames: Rose City, P-Town, Stumptown, Bridgetown, PDX, Little Beirut, Beertown

Weather and climate in Portland

Portland’s climate is relatively mild with high rainfall. Portland is the rainiest city in the state of Oregon and you have to expect rainfall almost always except in summer. Even then, it is not extremely hot with average temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius. In winter, between November and January, the lowest temperatures are between 4.7 degrees Celsius and 1.8 degrees Celsius. At these times, precipitation between 400 and 600 mm can be expected. That said, it is relatively sunny in Portland. While you can look forward to at least two hours of sunshine a day in winter, up to seven hours of sunshine a day are possible in July. Thanks to the mild temperatures, Portland is worth visiting all year round. The best travel time is from spring to autumn.

Population of Portland

According to TRACKAAH, more than 2.3 million people live in the greater Portland area. In the city in the northwest, 77.1 percent of the population is predominantly white. 5.8 percent are African American, 8.1 percent have Asian roots, 0.7 percent are Native Americans or people of Alaskan ancestry, while 0.7 percent are from Hawaii or other Pacific islands. 9.7 percent of the population are Hispanics. The distribution between men and women is even. The proportion of women is just over 50 percent.

The metropolitan area of ​​Portland is considered to be the least religious city in the United States. A full 42 percent of the population say they are atheists, agnostics or do not belong to any religion.


Politics in Portland, Oregon, is primarily democratic. Since 1988, Democratic presidential candidates have been given preference in the elections. In 2016, Hillary Clinton (Democrat) was elected by 50.07 percent and Donald Trump (Republican) by 39.09 percent of the people. Acting Mayor Ted Wheeler is also a Democrat. He has held this office since 2017. Portland and its suburbs are administered by a district government. Portland is one of the focal points of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

Economy and Infrastructure

The town in the northwest is economically well positioned and in 2016 was ranked 20th among the metropolitan areas of the USA with an economic output of 165.5 billion US dollars. The unemployment rate is below the national average. The breweries are of particular importance to companies. Because here are the most breweries in the United States based on population. Significant companies also include Adidas, the Leatherman Tool Group and Columbia Sportswear. The seaport is also very important to the city’s economy. It is the third largest port in the United States by tonnage.

When it comes to infrastructure, the Oregon city is increasingly focusing on environmental protection. There is with Portland Streetcar and the MAX Light Rail a tram and a light rail. In addition, buses run in local public transport and there are special parking spaces for electric vehicles that, unlike ordinary vehicles, are free. Those who enjoy cycling will get their money’s worth in Portland. 400 kilometers of bike paths lead through the city and the town is also only one of four municipalities in the USA to have been awarded the platinum award by the League of American Bicyclists as ” Bicycle Friendly Community “.

It can be reached by plane via Portland International Airport. For a long time, a highlight in the airport was the floor there. Because there on the floor was a blue-green carpet with a memorable pattern, which became famous around the world and was included in many clothing lines. When the carpet was removed, it attracted a lot of media attention.

Portland Union Station on the west bank of the Willamette River is served by Amtrak long-distance trains Empire Builder, Cascades and Coast Starlight.

Portland for tourists

Rose City, P-Town, Bridgetown, PDX, Stumptown, Little Beirut, Beertown. Portland, Oregon has many names and so much more to offer its visitors. The city is incredibly green, a real El Dorado for all those who would like to combine nature and city trips. It is an insider tip for foodies and a not so secret tip for beer lovers, you can go shopping there, enjoy the unique creative scene, visit one or more microbreweries, experience art and much more. Depending on where you focus, you will always find something entertaining in Portland.

Portland, Oregon Overview

Portland, Oregon Overview
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