I told you about, Somfy integrates right now connected bulbs Philips Hue in the now long list of scriptable objects by the Somfy box.


At the show last year LeWeb, Somfy presented novelties and we announced the signing of a partnership with Philips, through an interface between the Somfy box and fixtures hue. It is now a reality since the update of the Tahoma on 25 June 2015 interface.

Philips Hue Connected Bulbs3

Connected bulbs Philips Hue:

If you are not familiar with luminaires Philips Hue, it LED light connected, can be controlled from your smartphone, thanks to a plant related to your internet box. So, you can turn on or turn off your light bulbs Hue, but also choose the power light and the same color (for colored bulbs). As you can see, they are ideal to create environments in your home and change at will…

Philips Hue Connected Bulbs2

How to control them?

Philips Hue bulbs can be ordered in two ways:

Since the Philips plant, the system is autonomous, using iOs or Android Philips Hue.

Philips Hue Connected Bulbs1

Through the Somfy box, you can thus involve them in your scenarios or control from the Tahoma interface as Somfy of your home automation devices.

The network installation Hue:

The first step is to connect the bridge Hue to the internet, using a RJ45 cable to plug into the internet box.

The second step is to associate the bulbs to the bridge, to do this you have two options, either through the Philips Hue application or through the Tahoma interface. In both cases, the approach is somewhat similar. To order everything from my box Somfy, including bulbs Hue, simply you:

Hue on a lamp bulb…

From Tahoma interface, go to the menu configuration (located at the bottom right of the homepage).

In the top bar press on the + to add a new device

In the top bar, select Philips Hue, if it is not present, scroll the bar to look it up and click on it.

Then follow the instructions, it’s very simple, and press the Center button of the Philips bridge.

Complete the association, the bulb is now connected and can be controlled.

How to use your new bulb connected?

As all devices connected to the Somfy box, you will find your bulbs Hue from the home page or by room of the House, in all cases, simply click on the bulbs (they can all be driven at the same time and up to 50 bulbs), to access the management interface. From this page you can view the status of the bulb, to choose to turn it off or turn it on to change its color, in an impressive range of shades… All the settings available from the Tahoma interface are the same ones that you will find from the application Philips Hue. You can even choose a predefined atmosphere (relaxation, concentration, reading…).

My review:

The piloting of the bulbs Hue is very well integrated, the functions developed by Philips are available under Tohama, lacks nothing.

The reactivity of the bulb is very good, the color or intensity changes are taken into account very quickly.

The back is very convenient, you can at any time the status of a light bulb and know what color is the broadcast.

The integration of these bulbs in the box Somfy scenarios is very easy, you can for example define atmospheres at certain hours of the day, or action on your part…

In short a great success

This isn’t home, but this is an example of creating atmosphere


The management interface





(With the bridge and 3 color bulbs) starter kit that I could test is sold at the price of €200 on LAWFAQS.

White bulbs (€30 the unit) and color (€60 unit) can also be purchased separately, but it will still take a bridge to drive.

You can find these products on Amazon

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