Peterborough, Orroroo, Jamestown, Gladstone, Oodla Wirra, Yunta & Cockburn are villages in the region Flinders Ranges & Outback in South Australia . If you head east from Peterborough, the path leads you through the barren desert to Broken Hill in New South Wales . In the west, on the other hand, the somewhat more varied South Flinders Ranges extend. However, many tourists disdain this area, as there is not really much to offer on the monotonous drive and in the small villages.

Activities & sights

In Peterborough (approx. 1,500 inhabitants) itself, locomotive fans will definitely feel at home, because here you can deal with this topic for most of the day. There is a restored Victorian Railway Y Class diesel locomotive, the Steamtown Heritage Rail Center and the locomotive collection called Steamtown – Peterborough. There is also a model locomotive at each of the four entrances to the site. Otherwise, the Federation Quilt town hall is ideal for sightseeing, the History Walk for walks and the Greg Duggan Nature Reserve with viewpoints for excursions.

If you take the Barrier Highway (A32) west from Peterborough, you will reach Broken Hill in New South Wales via the villages of Oodla Wirra, Yunta and Cockburn. In Oodla Wirra (approx. 3 residents) there is a rest stop, a pub and a Fruit Fly checkpoint, where travelers from the east have to hand over their remaining fruit and vegetables. Yunta (approx. 100 inhabitants), on the other hand, has two rest stops and a post office with internet access. From Cockburn, founded in 1886 (approx. 60 inhabitants) with its historic buildings, it is only 7 km to the border with New South Wales.

State Route B56 runs from Peterborough in the northwest to Orroroo (37km) and to Wimington (89km). In Orroroo (approx. 600 inhabitants) you can picnic in Lion’s Park or use the Pekina Creek Walking & Cycling Trails and the Find the Magpie Walk for exploring. Otherwise there is the Tank Hill Lookout, the 500 year old Big Gum Tree, the Magnetic Hill and the all-wheel drive accessible Bendleby Ranges. The B79 runs one from Peterborough southwest to Jamestown (30 miles) and on to Gladstone (72 miles). Jamestown(approx. 1,500 inhabitants) has the RM Williams Way, the Jamestown Railway Station National Trust Museum, the historic Sir Hubert Wilkins Cottages, the Penn Cottage Glass Collection, the Dare’s Hill Circuit and the Bundaleer Forest Reserve. Surrounded by pastureland, Gladstone (approx. 650 inhabitants) follows another 30km to the west with historical buildings and a 100-year-old soft drinks factory. From Gladstone you can also quickly reach the South Flinders Ranges with the Mt Remarkable National Park .

Helpful information

Arrival & onward travel

The B79 runs from Peterborough to Jamestown and Gladstone in the southwest. You can also take the B56 to Orrororoo in the northwest and the Barrier Highway (A32) connects Oodla Wirrra, Yunta and Cockburn. The Yorke Peninsula Coaches’ buses stop in some of the towns. Jamestown also has a small airport.

Tourist Information

In Peterborough the Peterborough Visitor Information Center (2 Telford Avenue) and in Gladstone the Southern Flinders Discovery Center (14 Gladstone Street) provide information about the region.

Further information

Simple grocery stores were set up in Gladstone, Peterborough, Jamestown, and Orroroo. A bank branch can be found in Jamestow. You can fill up your tank in Peterborough, Jamestown, Gladstone, Orroroo, Oodla Wirra, Yunta, Mannahill and Cockburn.

Politics Australia: Parliament, Commonwealth & Parties

The policy in Australia is even today still strongly influenced by the British. Even if the demand to change to the republic is gaining support, the Australian form of government is still a democratic parliamentary monarchy. The parliament consists of a lower house (House of Representatives) and an upper house (Senate). The head of state of the 5th continent is Queen Elizabeth II. Thus the Australian constitution contains elements of the parliamentary tradition of England as well as elements of the constitution of the United States. As head of government, the prime minister is responsible, who is thus head of the entire state government.

Australian Politics Overview

Every three years, the members of the House of Representatives (150 seats) are elected in constituencies on the basis of majority voting. The number of seats is determined according to the population of the various states and territories. In the Senate (76 seats) it looks a little different. Here the term of office is six years. The government is ultimately made up of the strongest party, of which the prime minister then becomes the chairman. In Australia there is a general compulsory vote, which is punishable by a fine if you fail to do so.

Commonwealth of Australia

The “Commonwealth of Australia” consists of six states and two territories:


  1. Queensland (Capital: Brisbane )
  2. New South Wales (capital: Sydney )
  3. Victoria (capital: Melbourne )
  4. South Australia (capital: Adelaide )
  5. Tasmania (capital: Hobart )
  6. Western Australia (capital: Perth )


  1. Australian Capital Territory (Capital: Canberra )
  2. Northern Territory (capital: Darwin ).

The biggest parties

The four largest parties in Australia are:

  1. Liberal Party of Australia
  2. Australian Labor Party
  3. The Nationals
  4. The greens

Foreign policy

Due to the ANZUS agreement (Australia, New Zealand, USA) signed in 1951, which guarantees US support to the 5th continent in the event of a military operation, Australia is naturally indebted to the USA. This can be seen on the basis of military missions abroad (e.g. Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan), which have very little to do with Australian politics (the ANZUS agreement excluded). The Australian military consists of just over 50,000 soldiers (Australian Army: approx. 24,000 soldiers / Royal Australian Air Force: approx. 14,000 soldiers / Royal Australian Navy: 12,500 soldiers). The total budget for the country’s armed forces is approximately A $ 24 billion.

Soldiers in front of Australian War Memorial

Peterborough, Orroroo, Jamestown, Gladstone, Yunta & Co in South Australia
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