One Jeans+Two T-Shirts=Two Looks-A Simple Equation

One Jeans+Two T-Shirts=Two Looks-A Simple Equation

Another outfit that I got together with Yancor. In my opinion, fits perfectly to the weather, which can not really decide whether the sun should shine or not. I can wear shirts for a long time until I get too cold, with pants or shorts this is not the case. Therefore, I decided today for a pair of jeans with two different T-Shirts, which naturally also give two different looks.

For both looks, I put on a black Kingz men’s jeans. This comes from the style extremely casual and casual. Usually not my style, with the distinct used look and deep cuts. But the prejudices were thrown overboard and I must say that the jeans felt very good. In addition, the worn-out look when wearing the jeans from Kingz not so much, right?

The jeans of the brand Kingz I have completely chosen here in black, as itharmonizes with it wonderful with my Asics Gel-Kayano Trainer Evo white. The lower waistband at the ends of the pants is tighter and can be opened and closed by zip fasteners.

The jeans are closed by buttons on the front, which are hidden by the jeans fabric. The seat of the jeans is compared to one of my jeans from the wardrobe rather deep. Looks still good, because the pants does not hang like a wet sack on one. Another noteworthy detail is surely the belt, which is already delivered with the jeans. This is more a cord than a classic belt. Fits from style to the pants of Kingz, I would personally however against a black leather belt exchange.

I chose the San Diego V-neck t-shirt from Key Largo-a shirt for hot days. At least one thinks of it, if one considers the Surferprint and the thought-out color change. The print of the shirt runs over its entire front and reminds a little of a vintage look. It should be noted that the shirt is in a slim-fit cut, which is not kept as tight as initially suspected. The color is spread over the entire shirt and is therefore also on the back.

If the color is not right, then you should look at Yancor’s shop. Because you can find the San Diego V-neck shirt in alternative colors. A total of four different styles are available. Combined, I have the outfit with my Fortis Aviatis flier Professional-fits in my opinion quite well to this look, or what is your opinion?

The jeans of Kingz I liked so much, that I have these directly combined with another T-shirt by Key Largo like showing on Lookatthejeans. Unfortunately, I have not found the exact t-shirt in the shop of Yancor . But also my alternative selection should fit quite well. I chose the Key Largo T-Shirt KINGS green-this is also available in two alternative color variations.

As with my T-shirt from the shooting, this is based on a large-area print, which is in the form of floral patterns over the entire shirt. Contrary to the shirt of the shooting, however, the color-contrasting breast pocket, which was found on the left side. This has sent the design of the shirt a little relaxed and intermittent the floral pattern.

No doubt a look, which can convince in my eyes. Now I’m interested in which of the two looks you like better-#1 or #2?

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