Old Perfume – Sensual and Beguiling

Old Perfume – Sensual and Beguiling

Luxurious Old scents. Links: Amytis concentrated perfume fin of Nabucco. Price: 350 euro. Right: Old cashmere mood of House Francis Kurkdijan. Price: 285 euro.

A sensuous, beguiling, even aphrodisiac effect is said to smell of Old. The tree resin, which is more expensive than gold, is in the Orient since 2000 as an ingredient of scented waters used. It was only a matter of time before the Old trend also among Europe’s most exclusive perfumers to attacks.

So dark and sensual-sounding name Old (pronounced “Uuhd”) was a term of almost anyone in Europe until the beginning of the 21st century. Sensuous perfume by perfumers of Europe contained musk, vanilla or sandalwood, but not Old, which is extracted from the resin of the Eagle wood tree.

Old – a Tree Resin is More Expensive than Gold

Only if the Eagle tree based mainly in Southeast Asia by a particular fungus is infested, so sick is, developed the spicy, heavy fragrance, Old oil is extracted from its resin. To the rarity of the Befalles and the only low amounts of around 50,000 euros is the price of a kilo of Old and is more expensive than gold, which costs currently around 30,000 euros per kilo.

The First Known Old Perfume in Europe – a Flop

One of the first in Europe of famous fragrances with Old extracts was the 2002 launched men’s fragrance M7 by Yves Saint Laurent – unforgettable the campaign with nude shots of the kick boxer and model Samuel of Cubber. But the fragrance was not a success.

Women’s Fragrances with Old – Sensual and Hot

Currently, old especially in women’s fragrances finds himself, according to ask4beauty.com. Very small perfumers in the luxury segment will appreciate the warm, leathery scent. Pure Old not be used – too intense and above all too expensive. Combinations with the applicable also as a beguiling vanilla, the animal musk or Oriental spices are all the more popular for it.

Old Perfume with Vanilla

A fragrance for “Old beginners”, as White A Old of Montale is sensuous and yet not so hard. It is a composition of Old, saffron, cardamom, Indian sandalwood, vanilla, Labdanum, patchouli and Vetiver. Perfumer Pierre Montale, who operates a flagship store in Paris on the Place Vendome, worked for some years in Saudi Arabia as a perfumer and came there with the noble tree resin in contact. The French brand of House Francis Kurkdijan opts for Old cashmere mood with the perfume also vanilla. Kurkdijan nothing says whom: Paris is one of the most successful perfumers of the world, created among others the best seller Le Male for Jean-Paul Gaultier as well as for for Narciso Rodriguez. Old cashmere mood is particularly warm and sensual without being too sweet. A beautiful fragrance for cold winter days.

Old from Berlin to New York

The Schwarzlose Berlin scented water brand J.F.., once a Royal purveyor, created Water of Perfume noise combines vanilla, red pepper, amber, patchouli and Old and feels this smoky and intense. Noise deliberately reminds of perfumes from the 1920s – a tribute to the “golden twenties” in Berlin. Shouldn’t bond No. to the past and the vibrant present in New York New York Old by the American luxury perfume brand. Remember 9. The second Old fragrance by bond No.. 9 – the first was 2008 exclusively for the Department store Harrod’s developed – is a composition that combines Western perfumes with those of the Orient. So, rose, plum and honey enter a liaison with Old, saffron, and patchouli.

Tribute to Love

Honey, vanilla, chocolates, so-called Gourmand notes, unite in the pure Perfume amytis concentrated perfume fin of Nabucco. The company name of Nabucco, the Italian form of Nebuchadnezzar, is a tribute to the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II., who lived around 500 BC. Amytis concentrated was the name of the woman, that he should have considered. The scent in the ornate, handmade Crystal Bottle is to celebrate the love of both.

Old is also the largest of all feelings for dedicated to love. The perfume of the French brand the different company however is more on wood, spice and leather notes and musk. A mixture of clove, coriander and of rubber, saffron meets sandalwood, Iris, musk, vetiver and Old. Old for love is sensual and still gently.

Addiction and Sensory Noise

Black Afgano by Nasomatto wants to reach Mount Olympus in terms of Enchantment. The fragrance name comes not from about: cannabis is clearly in the top note. In addition, tobacco, coffee and of course the resin of the Eagle tree in the dark, smoky aromas with a distinctive bottle of Woods are included. Sensuality, to the robbery of the senses. Headquarters by Nasomatto? Of course, in Amsterdam.


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