Niantic Labs and Ingress Is Independent of Google to Fly Free Within Alphabet

How? Would that you have not yet heard of the? structural changes in Google? As we remember you, the big G is now a huge company commanded by Sundar Pichai within a larger conglomerate called still Alphabet, and that it is aimed at the same time by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Within Alphabet is englobarán now all Google satellite projects each with its independent Executive Board reserves its letter, and although everyone expected the N will it be Nest and their smart devices for the home, it seems to be Niantic Labs which is independent of Google to continue growing within Alphabet, reserving for them the above N.

This is the first movement within Alphabet which is made official, because we do not know at the moment where will be placed or who will run Wing, the ATAP Google and X Labs, Calico, the own Nest and other Google projects, and even it is not official that each letter will have a single company under it.

Niantic Labs is, for those who know it, After the Ingress social game developer, an advanced strategy game based on augmented reality and that it will continue is now without the umbrella of Google as an independent company.

That Yes, it has been the own Niantic who has been quick to say that they will continue to work with Google to improve a game that, practically, is today a huge network social where more than 250,000 people around the world play to conquer portals placed in emblematic places of towns and villages in the real world.

Still augmented reality has long travel and the future of Niantic Labs is very promising, with other projects started as a Field Trip, an application to discover new places of interest or Endgame, a game where you have to discover the puzzles and secrets of a novel.

We will see if this movement helps them continue to grow, and bring important developments in a field as interesting and entertaining as augmented reality to us.