Napster Unlimited and Napster Light, Music Streaming for Vodafone Customers

Spotify has MoviStar and Vodafone has partnered with Napster to offer its customers advantages in streaming music to their mobile devices. Although the General details were known from a few weeks ago, today has been the official presentation and they have offered us more information about the plans. Specifically, Vodafone users can choose from two plans: Napster Unlimited and Napster Light. Both will be paid directly with the monthly telephone bill.

For those who opt for Napster Unlimited, You can access the complete catalog of Napster (since the company accounted for more than 20 million songs worldwide) by 8.05 euros a month, including taxes. Application can be installed in three different devices (phones, tablets, etc.). The regular price of this service to any other user, is 9.95 euros.

As regards Napster Light, the cost is lower (around 2.5 euros) but the use of the application would be more limited. The user can only use it on your smartphone and, also, you can only play a maximum of 60 songs per month. In this case, also would have access to other general features of Napster, as personalized recommendations, lists, and listening to the music both online and offline.

With this offering, Vodafone joins Movistar to offer multimedia content to its customers but using, for this purpose, special offers with third-party services. In their day, their own streaming services failed to take off. However, and from my point of view, the offer of Movistar It is still a little more attractive: by 6.03 euros per month, Spotify for two years.

The difference between customer or non-Vodafone when hiring Napster (in its Unlimited mode) It does the two euros per month. As detail is good, but I don’t think that you become a differentiator that makes a user choose Vodafone above the competition, especially when little money more there are better alternatives.