Microsoft Zune Soon In Germany-Competitor For Itunes

Microsoft Zune Soon In Germany-Competitor For Itunes

The Zune music service offered in the United Statessuccessfully for a long time. Also German customers benefit from Zune to come soon. 

In the home, to plan the music service with the new operating system for mobile devices, to bring the Windows Phone 7launch. Frank Prengel as a technology consultant at Microsoft Germany made these statements at the edge of the launch of the new operating system forsmartphones. To deploy a sales platform for applications, music, and videos for the operating system Windows phone 7, which can be used onsmartphones, Zune. It is now possible to purchase German customers via Zune videos for Xbox 360 . But no details were made at the prices, incurred for the use of the service.

Is known until now only that the download of a song currently in approximately 0.75 euros costs. A flat rate for downloads will cost 14.99 dollars, currently roughly what would be converted to about 11.00 euro. According to own information, more than 6 million songs to choose from are available with Zune. In contrast to the ITunes service from the House of Apple, the service of Zune from Microsoft should be no pure download service. For Germany is to be expected that usersmusic tracks and videos stream can flat rate. Also can you download already now not only movies for the XBox 360 , but look at via stream.

These opportunities provide a clear competitive advantage over ITunes by Apple the Zune music service. Streaming from ITunes not are currently still available. Thus, the entry into the German market for the Zune music service could be a success. Unfortunately, yet no details have been made whether Microsoft will introduce also the own MP3-Player, the Zune, on the German market. In the United States, was the introduction of the device in the market for the year 2009, was not carried out but then yet.

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