Microsoft Lumia 650: Smartphone With Windows 10 For 230 Euro

Microsoft Lumia 650: Smartphone With Windows 10 For 230 Euro

In December confirmed Microsoft a new beginners Lumia, now the Lumia 650 details follow: LTE, 5-inch display with moderate resolution, 8-MP camera. The Android competition it has a hard time.

Microsoft has unveiled the Lumia 650, a Smartphone with Windows 10, LTE, and 5-inch display. The display shows pixels (297 dpi) with thanks to OLED technology bold colors for this size quite rough 1280 × 720. It is protected by Gorilla glass 3.

The internal memory is 16 GB, there is a MicroSD slot. As a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 cores fast with four 1.3 GHz is used, its LTE module supports 150 MBit and all of Germany’s important bands. The main memory is 1 GB big, which is enough 10 Mobile for most apps on Windows.

The main camera captures 8 MP photos and HD video, the front-facing camera 5 MP photos. The cell phone has an aluminum frame and a removable back, it is available in white and black. The battery can be changed.

Lumia 650 still in February for 230 euro

Microsoft had confirmed this successor of the entry-level smartphone – Lumia 640 in December. The Lumia 650 will later this month be available and costs 230 euros. Should is the street price, not at the level off around 150 euros of Lumia 640, it would have a hard time over the Android competition which provides for 200 to 250 euros partly already full-HD displays and faster hardware.

[Update] In the first version of the text, they said the capacity limit of 200 GBytes for the microSD card was strange. While the author to 256 GByte cards had hoped and overlooked, that they are not yet available one year after SanDisk’s introduction of the 200 GByte SDXC. (jow)

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