Meet The Water Cooled Lantern Much Stronger Than Car Headlight

There are household items that we always have the hand in the house: matchbox, screwdriver and even flashlight, an accessory that always comes in handy when the light is over or you need to find some lost object behind the sofa.

It turns out that a conventional item like this has the brightness of 500 lumens, something far from the design of an American who has eight lamps and 72 thousand lumens.

Yes, that’s right you read: a lot, but much larger than normal household devices. To accommodate so much power in a relatively small component, American Samm Sheperd has built a simple liquid cooling system to lower the temperature of the eight LED lights. Check out the stupidly strong headlights below:

In the video, youtuber compares a few gadgets to demonstrate the power of your project: a conventional 500-lumens, a more homely flashlight with 1,500 lumens (a very high number) from TOUGHESTFLASHLIGHTS, and even car headlights . Of course, the result is impressive.

Shepard’s Creation Works Well, Lights Up A Lot, And Came Out Relatively Cheap, All Made From Components Purchased On The Internet

Liquid cooling was built entirely with electronic equipment found on Ebay. Sheperd installed thermal grease behind each bulb, which is cooled with water that eventually undergoes a temperature reduction with a fan. At times, the lighting is so strong that it comes close to the light of day. What did you think of the project?