Mctrek Tent Reconstruction Aid in the Branches

Who knows that the anticipation is not huge big. Super! The new tent, until day before yesterday ordered in the online shop and already there. Actually nothing more in the way stands a family vacation. 6 people, large vestibule, various bars and more strings. The children in anticipation and almost entirely from the “little house”. Now, it’s the first time. We want to not only continue run how this situation can develop. But also find the right solution with the McTREK tent construction assistance at McTREK. How do you know here…

Mctrek Tent Reconstruction Aid in the Branches

McTREK tent construction assistance

Our McTREK tent construction assistance is a special offer where you branch which jointly examine wish tent on an agreed date spot in one of our McTREK close up as well as removing and taking advantage of the clenched tent competence of our McTREK team. So meet all tent-specific tricks and tweaks for a fast and smooth supervisory as also reduction.

McTREK therefore offers you a stress-free alternative to the cold dip in the water, if the tent along with the children grass around quickly wants to be built up upon arrival at the campsite before the Cloudburst hinting at. So you lose track between all the items not McTREK changed her a special feature for these cases. Because just overlooking large family tents, which are supplied with various items, an introduction to building proves extremely beneficial. Not rarely waiting some tent models with type – and company-specific tweaks that must cost no time and nerves with the right know-how!

Currently you can find more than 300 different models of tent in our McTREK range. Ultra-lightweight one person tents, over the tunnel, dome – to large -, group – and family tents is something for everyone with. If you are interested, we offer the opportunity to build your wish tent in and adjacent to the branch together with one of our knowledgeable staff with our tent construction help service.

Tent design assistance, see the majority of our stores

Because finally, no Outdoorenthusiast want to buy “the pig in a poke”. A towed before the purchase and up-close assessment of the tent inside and out will save unwanted surprises. Also can be quietly detailed the tent-specific characteristics of the building the customer and explain. Then, nothing in the way should be a relaxing, stress-free family camping holiday!

Tent construction assistance. How, when and where?

You are interested in a tent? Contact the staff of the McTREK branch in your area. If an immediate construction is not possible, it is possible to make an appointment. Especially the first building a tent takes time so that you can get to know all facets of your future tent alone?

McTREK TV | Tent construction videos

We also offer you the possibility to inform tent offer online about the proper tent building more than 100 tent models from our McTREK from home with a variety of tent construction videos. There you get the technical finesses, functions and building your wish tent already a first impression of. Look inside!