Mctrek Product Review Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack

Markus Lami, branch manager of our McTREK branch in Weiterstadt, has for us on his tour of the Skye trail in Scotland the Atmos AG 65 backpack Osprey a product subjected to test…

Osprey Atmos AG 65 in the McTREK product review

He therefore, my companion for the next two weeks on the Skye trail here. Green, fairly flat down and somehow doubt I remember that everything fits, what is pure.

Mctrek Product Review Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack 1

Careful palpation

The first impression is already promising. With his 2.18 kg is he among the lighter backpacks in the McTREK range. What is striking first is the strongly curved fin and severely strained network on the back. Osprey is actually as managed to develop a backpack with mesh back, first company without so unfavorable will, focus, that’s always uncomfortable pulling the carrier back. But proved this in practice? Also whether the fin really so awesome shifting the weight on your feet, I want to find out the next few days. The starting point is not exactly ideal: the carrier has hardly hip and therefore hardly any surface for the belt. Until now, all predecessors of the Atmos exactly failed and were very uncomfortable to wear over time. However, the tightening of the Backpack by the strongly pre-curved hip belt is something Gewöhnungsbedürftig.

Detailed solutions of the Osprey Atmos AG 65 backpack

Nice detail solutions which always surprise you are the next thing to notice on the Atmos. You can disassemble the the top pocket for weight reasons and still charge a cover (flap jacket) is protected, the Quick recording for the trekking poles (I come to those later) or also the mesh pocket on the front to add wet stuff. All details can be like to explain on the homepage of McTREK read, or join in the consultation.

Then we want to start time unpacking: What is a little troubling is the fact that the rucksack has no volume expansion. I like to use the water or food to bunkering. But maybe yes it’s all purely fits. I’m surprised. And Lo and behold. The food fits in. Although the tent must be outside, but I have not used the side pockets and I then buy even more air into the stuff sack to the fresh food locally and to pack.

First Pro behavior: Great fit and super weight transfer.

Mctrek Product Review Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack 2

In the usage

Time: The first day of the tour is behind me. Atypical for Scotland, sunny autumn weather had accompanied throughout the day the Trotternish Ridge me. It was very windy but the Sun seemed actually for a more congenial climate and a faster evaporation of sweat by a nearly cloudless sky, so I came properly into the sweat on the Roadless Ridge and Yes, delivering the power ventilation. And one more feature has convinced me now. The Quick recording for the trekking poles (Stow-on-the-go fixing). In the consultation and also to discover of the backpack only laughed at, they were each photo stop on rocky ground on a third hand to quickly get rid of the sticks. Again something learned.

Wearing comfort

The next what I was looking forward: Usually I had the hip bone from the third day wundgescheuert. Whether that happens by the Atmos? But even after 10 days of constant use of fit-on-the-fly belt was still comfortable to wear, and there was no pressure or friction.


The pockets on the hip belt were what I ultimately not really used on the entire tour. Here I wanted to store actually device the GPS, to have it quickly at hand when needed. But unfortunately it fit the thick (an old Dakota 20 Garmin) not in the bag. So wandered the compass and some handkerchiefs in their pockets. Both was not required on the tour. Maybe get the bags with wider hips not so much under tension and you have more space in them. Because I didn’t have the bags so far, I had not really miss her.

Mctrek Product Review Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack 3


The Atmos is an all-round successful backpack which can carry up to 17 kg, according to campingship. After the first day had we us accustomed to each other and I found my “comfort”setting. He distributed the weight perfectly on the hip and was never uncomfortable. The missing volume expansion was no problem, I got the main luggage inside the vehicle at all times. Even the purchases of fresh food and a small water supply had more space.

Who is willing to pay a little more for his backpack and who rightly comes with the very closely related hip belt, which is with the Atmos a reliable, comfortable backpack.

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