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Executive MBA Program

EMBA or Executive MBA offers some of the advantages as part-time programs in that you can continue your career while participating in the program. The Executive MBA program also has a shorter completion (similar to full-time programs), because classes are typically offered during the weekends. (Be careful: some part-time programs use the term "executive" in the name of the program, when they are in fact part-time programs for all intents and purposes.) Executive MBA programs often have minimum work experience requirements and target candidates with significant management experience.

The entire experience of an executive MBA program can be more intense than the part-time program, given that the degree is accelerated, although the number of classes required is the same (as it should be for all types of MBA programs). Executive MBA programs are usually offered in a "sectioned" structure, enabling students to get to know each other reasonably well, which helps facilitate networking.

The networking opportunities are fewer than full-time programs since extracurricular opportunities are limited and class sizes are typically smaller. Executive MBA programs are also more limited in terms of their ability to offer students specializations in particular functional areas; they are usually general management MBA degrees only. Many executive MBA students are sponsored by their employers, and some programs require employer support for admission.

Applying to Executive MBA Programs: The issues here are similar to those surrounding part-time programs, since you are still limited in terms of your flexibility. However, due to the weekend format, more prestigious programs do tend to draw students from a wider geographic base. (Some students fly to the program location.) You will need to investigate not only the programs based in your area, but also those programs that may be farther away geographically.

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