Matroswimming: 4 Exercises For Your Baby

Matroswimming: 4 Exercises For Your Baby

Hello everyone!

Are you are bringing good weather, and is a good opportunity to bring your babies to the swimming pool, this can develop certain capabilities of your baby and enjoy good times with family.

Many of you have little time for use in this type of activity and in many cases this time is not compatible with the schedules offered by the nearest swimming pools, so commit4fitness proposes a series of activities to start with the baby in the pool without a monitor:

  1. The first step will be to put the baby in the glass, we can do it from seated position, or if the vessel has stairs down with him in her arms wide.
  1. Then, to have a closer contact with water will miss water baby, first with a few simple drops above the head and then in the face.We can do it in different ways, the baby sitting on the curb, holding the baby in her arms…
  2. In the following exercise, I propose move the baby through space, as well as to practice different grips with it, getting a more horizontal position in the water and a possible alternate movement of members.
  3. As last year I propose to immerse your child in the water, as shown in the image.This will increase the period of apnea under water.

I advise these exercises in babies/children between 6 and 18 months, with a practice of 1-2 times a week, not more than half an hour.

I hope you liked and you enjoy these moments with the more “pezqueñines”!

Finally, I’d like to thank MOM Trini, Dad Ramon, Tita Julia and Gala.

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