Lenovo Mobile Will Be Integrated with Motorola and Will Disappear as a Brand

Ago almost two years Google apart from their participation in Motorola selling the company to the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, which paid $ 2.91 billion for control of one of the world most renowned smarpthones manufacturers, and that under the shadow of Google had also gotten relaunched with an attractive range of devices.

Originally had doubted of Lenovo plans for Motorola, but soon took the directors of the Chinese firm to confirm that Motorola would maintain their independence at the time of design and manufacture devices under its own brand and only with economic control from China.

Today this independence is confirmed with the news that will be Motorola who absorb Lenovo Mobile, and not the other way around, as the mobile division of Lenovo will disappear as a brand soon after joining Motorola.

That Lenovo would depend on Motorola to manufacture mobile devices already had mentioned some directing, but now confirms that the manufacturer of American origin is left in charge of the design and manufacture of smartphones and wearables to Lenovo, which will leave this market at least under his own name.

Remains to be seen what happens with tablets, Motorola is not available a range of such devices, which could be kept low brand Lenovo.

The news comes directly from Chen Xudong, President of Lenovo Mobile, which has predicted a very promising future for Motorola, a brand that obviously enjoys from most prestigious international to Lenovo in the smartphone market. This has probably been the main trigger for the complicated decision.