Kirin 950, The New Processor of Huawei Sweeps in Benchmarks

Kirin 950, The New Processor of Huawei Sweeps in Benchmarks

Allocate much of the benefits to the research and development tends to eventually bring more joy than sadness. Still remember that Mobile World Congress of 2011 in which Huawei would show us their first terminals which processor had been manufactured by themselves. Although at the time the interest of the European user in the mark was testimonial and smartphones that the firm marketed in Spain not passed a modest range of input, I had the feeling that some fat is was cooked in Shenzhen.

Four years later, Huawei has established itself as the third world manufacturer of mobile, its Premium line of smartphones is able to compete with any high end of the market and their processors begin to develop a potential to take into account. There is more to take a look to the new chip Kirin 950 have up his sleeve and that will be the brain of their most powerful smartphones in 2016.

Although Kirin 935 P8 Family processor performance has given very good results, Huawei continues to work on a new range of processors, as reported at the beginning of the year. In this new batch of chips we have the Kirin 940 and 950. It is very likely that the new family member Matt that the company will present at the IFA in Berlin, mount the first of these, although all eyes begin to turn towards the Kirin 950.

This eight-core processor is divided into four Cortex A72 and other four A57 operated at a clock speed of 2.4 Ghz. The chip supports memory Ram LPDDR4, while the graphics will be supported by a unit Mali T-880. The first tests of this processor performance they far exceed seen in the 7420 Exynos, manufactured by Samsung and used in the Galaxy S6.

The results to the Geekbench 3 implementation give the Kirin 950 a marker of 6.096 points in the test aimed at testing the performance of all cores. This is 20% more than the Exynos 7420. The evidence concerning to test the capacity of a single core showed a 30% more performance than the Samsung chip.

He is expected that Huawei Debuts Kirin 950 next Mate 8, a smartphone that could see the light at the beginning of the coming year. Meanwhile, the company plans would place its new Soc Kirin 940 in Matt 7S, a phablet which will be presented at the IFA in Berlin on September 2.

If we take into account the figures relating to the total budget of Huawei r & d, we can understand that his meteoric rise is not a result of chance. The company has expanded the total budget of its r & d, from the 5,800 million euros in 2014 7.350 million in 2015. Currently about Huawei 76,000 employees engaged in research and development. In 2004 Huawei launched Hisilicon, a branch dedicated to the manufacture of processors, factory that leave most famous increasingly Kirin.

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