Jewelery and Accessories:When Gifts Bring Misfortune

Jewelery and Accessories:When Gifts Bring Misfortune

Christmas is on the doorstep – and jewelery as a gift to the desires of many people, especially ladies, right up there. However, some jewels, which inhibit the donors, actually give jewelry to some jewels – in fact, one would not be responsible for the misfortunes of his beloved ones. Especially affected by this surprise are pearls . In the following, we will discuss the myths and provide tips on how to break the feast, if one believes in it.

Pearls stand for tears

A very wide spread belief is that every bead you give is a tear that is shed.However, there are also many variations of this myth: Some people believe that this is only associated with weddings. A pearl-embroidered wedding dress is said to be a very tearful marriage.

Another variation of the myth is that no pearls are to be given away, but earrings, bracelets or rings with precious jewelery would not be a problem – and a happy present.

The probably most blatant of the pearl myth goes so far that you can not give pearls at all – not even a difference between real pearls and fashion jewelry is hit.If you want to be safe, you should give the dear mama, the girlfriend or the wife a different piece of jewelery.This myth, however, is nothing but a boast that can not be proved empirically.All a matter of faith.

Do not give sharp objects

Another excursion goes in the direction that one should give among friends no pointed objects. This applies not only to knives, but also to particularly pointed or sharp-edged jewelery, something with geometric shapes.
However, this excursion can – according to the Volksmund – be broken down.To this end, the recipient presents the small donor a small amount (eg 1 cent) as a symbolic gesture to “buy” the gift so to speak.

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