Ipod Nano Design and 4.7-Inch Display Includes Iphone 6 Concept

A few months ago, Apple the next iPhone 6 may be similarly nano could make iPhone 5 c and the current iPod like the rumors on the Internet already. Now is a, matching design concept were published, representing a potential Apple iPhone 6.

The new design study on the iPhone 6 was published by areacodesexplorer and shows diverse design influences of the current generation iPod nano. The two sides are flattened, with the housing includes overall significant differences when compared to the current iPhone 5 s or iPhone 5 c. A bit the concept is reminiscent of Z also Sony’s Xperia series. According to the designer, the model is only 5.6 mm and thus 2 mm thinner than the Apple iPhone 5s. The display measures 4.7-inches in diagonal, and would thus support the predictions of many analysts, expect the iPhone with a larger 6.

Just like the latest Apple Smartphone we recognize the fingerprint sensor concept touch ID, which is equipped with a metal frame and is also located in the same place. The back has a microphone and a dual LED flash.

What do you think of this concept of the iPhone 6? In my opinion at least the chassis reminds me very strongly the current iPod nano, to wish the haptics can be. Because of this, I would not welcome such a design. Write us but a comment with your thoughts.