Interview About Maternity Fashion With Designer Of Zazou To Baby Guide

Interview About Maternity Fashion With Designer Of Zazou To Baby Guide

Below for your information the answers of the Zazou Stylist to the questions of the reporter Josi Vanjani for the Special baby Guide Morning Newspaper of Bauru, talking about maternity fashion and taking the main questions about the topic and to illustrate the answers fotos of customers (not professional models) wearing clothes of Zazou (during the recent last campaign of our best models Are Our Customers):

1) Which Are Essential Parts In The Wardrobe Of The Mother-To-Be?

Relies heavily on the lifestyle of pregnant and your profession, what are really their day to day needs.

But surely the first pieces that pregnant women start to lose when the belly begins to grow, and this really want to buy, they are the pants, especially the jeans.

When they come in our stores, will soon asking a black pants and a pair of jeans

So why, in the first quarter by the second or third month, the Zazou indicates buying a pair of jeans and a black pants tailoring social, especially if she works out in an Office. You’re a liberal professional can buy for example a Twill pants, which is also great for the weekend.

white shirt is always a great “Joker”, as well as a Basic knitted dress in single color and basic, that depending on the accessories used to stay well to the morning or tie at night. But those suitable for pregnant women, which has a specialized modeling, that doesn’t make them short in the front and long in the back, marking the waist and tummy.

2) The Purchase Must Occur In Which Period?

Normally when the woman begins to realize that their pieces don’t fit you anymore, you are desconfortaveis and shaking your belly. One day the pregnant woman opens your closet and realize that your current clothes no longer fit you more. Hit that desperation. This is the moment that they are going to find a specialized store to help them to solve your problem.

Very common arrive saying that clothes, such as a pair of pants with the button open, is the last that is, and that there’s nothing else to use the next day. Need to buy something urgent.

But when this happens exactly depends on each person, after all on pregnancy in general there is not a single rule, and every pregnancy changes in the body (and head) are unique.

But logically if you are pregnant with twins, which has become more common to happen given the insemination techniques, this need appears before and stronger. Speaking of our clothes are made to be used until the end of pregnancy, and even who’s pregnant with twins.

But usually the next store Zazou pregnant make your first purchase with 2 or 4 months of pregnancy.

In fact usually this first purchase are basic parts, and in a small amount, even for them to experience what it’s like to wear an outfit for pregnant. Although later, when they realize the difference and see in practice what is legaql, end up coming after more than once to shop new pieces throughout the pregnancy. The average comes more than 3 times in the store at this time.

But there are still many pregnant women (especially first-timers) are reluctant to do this maximum purchase, buy normal clothes in larger sizes, however these don’t have an own specialized modeling, accompanying belly growth over the 9 months, as used by Zazou, which has several internal adjustments, using rubber bands and buttons, as well as knits and flexible fabrics that stretch. But in the end they end up having to buy clothes for pregnant women more at the end. Then end up using for less time, when they could be using a lot more if they were buying earlier between the second and fourth month.

After the pregnant woman dons a suit of Zazou, soon realizes in your own body the difference that makes modeling in terms of comfort (do not tighten in particular when senta) and safety (don’t be falling when you walk or stand).

The first pregnancy pregnant yet unfortunately, lack of information and little practical experience for not having gone through it, still has a certain prejudice and even are more resistant to buying clothes of specialized store pregnant.

Our vendors and consultants sets guide these pregnant women for them to make the right purchase, taking what really will need, no more, no less, according to your profile and conditions.

Pregnant already of second or third pregnancy, I have been through an entire pregnancy and with this you know of your real need, do your shopping before, knowing what you want and need. Easier. Included is very common from Zazou’s clients come back to shop on your next pregnancies. After proving and realize the difference to other brands, come back and turning carterinha clients, what makes us happy and proud that the work we do is nice.

3) Is Interesting To Buy A Lot, Mainly Because After Pregnancy The Woman Tends To Return To Normal Weight?

The pregnant have to buy in the face of the your need and your financial situation.

And we serve all types and conditions on Zazou. For we are all VIPs! That’s why we are proud to say thatour customers are our best models!

The woman has an active social and working life. For this there are pregnant women who need to be always very tidy and perform well in your working environment, like a lawyer or a bank manager for example. These women tend to buy more parts, in particular the line “and Social Work“.

If the woman has a more relaxed, not too formal, opts for less more parts that match each other, something more of our “Basic and Leisure“.

There are few pregnant women leaving motherhood almost with your previous weight. The vast majority come out really overweight, which is in fact normal, especially the ones who do c-section. So they often still use pretty pregnant clothes for another 2, 3 and even more months after delivery until your old physical shape prior to pregnancy.

Many even go back to the store to make up new purchases Zazou, because they know that the clothes of Zazou will bring you comfort and security, and not look like a pregnant or fat, because of our modeling and style.

4) Maternity Fashion Follows The Trend Of The Day-To-Day?

Yes for sure! We have a strong concern for the style. We always do a collection hip and cool, and so in this way that the brand is known in the market. Zazou

Zazou’s clothes always follow the trend of international and national fashion in colors, patterns and fabrics according to Maternityetchic. Every collection we release always has a line that references these trends that we follow in magazines and research trips that we always.

But always thinking in real need and characteristic of a pregnant, or is she going to have a belly and put on a few pounds, the breasts will be larger, and this is not everything that you can use, and serves well for a pregnant woman, even if it’s fashion and trend. For this we always have this.

But with the vision that is not why this pregnant she needs to change your style!

We want to make a collection that will be similar to what she will find designer stores that used to attend, buy and use. The biggest difference will be in modeling, then specialized and suitable for pregnant women.

5) Is Interesting To Invest In Blouses For Breastfeeding Or Those That Hold The Breasts?

This is an important issue, because the breasts grow a lot in this period, and they need special care.

In fact the holding the breasts and gives support, are the Bras fit for pregnancy and breastfeeding, lingerie lines own for pregnant women, with the marks of Liz and My Lady, we found the best and why market we represent and sell enough stores Zazou. Are they going to bring comfort and security that the pregnant needs and search.

But it sure is interesting in post partum phase of breastfeeding have Yes blouses and shirts, with openings and abotoamentos for breastfeeding.

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