Incorrect Use Of A Fastener DOES NOT CAUSE ILLNESS

Incorrect Use Of A Fastener DOES NOT CAUSE ILLNESS

Because we believe that information gives us the power to decide consciously, today we want to tell you what are the consequences of using an inappropriate bra or incorrect size and cup.

Let’s point out: improper use of a bra, can cause injuries, pain and endless discomfort, caused by anything that may be derived from misuse. 

Many doctors of recognized prestige in senology indicate that, from the most obvious to the most unthinkable, these injuries, pains, marks and discomfort, refer to using the correct bra.

What does not cause are diseases. There is no scientific evidence that can directly or indirectly relate to the bra with a disease.

And in any case, any problem of breast pain related to the misuse of a bra, refers to using it correctly.

We can cite some very common.

Using the bra of an incorrect size can cause

If the size is too small:

Contour injuries, chafing, excessive pressure, feelings of permanent discomfort.

If the size is too large:

When the bra is adjusted, it goes up the back and therefore it is nailed to the shoulders and it presses the sub-mammal groove, therefore it hinders the microcirculation of the blood and it damages under the chest, with all the problems derived from these circumstances.

Using a bra with an incorrect cup may cause

If the cup is too large , the chest is not supported and therefore . The bra does not fulfill its function, so it is derived that by the effect of gravity, the movements of the breast directly affect Cooper’s ligaments, which are the ones that support the chest.

If the cup is too small , the chest is affected by the seams and the construction of the garment. It causes the effect of “double breast”, leaving a mark on the skin and in some cases pigmentations that later take to leave. In a hooped bra, it does not span the chest or lie flat on the chest, which can lead to injury and bulges of fat.

Using a bra with improper construction can cause discomfort that is avoidable at 100%

Each woman is unique, the shape of her chest (morphology) is not the same as another and therefore it is necessary to observe which construction works her best. There are many kinds of constructions: clamp, tilted seams, T-shaped seams, balconnet, push-up, sporty, strapless, seamless, preformed, foam…

And it will also depend on its use. If it is a sports bra, its function is to hold the breast and to allow transpiration, therefore if it does not fulfill its function, can cause the injuries typical of the sudden movements.

If it is a sleep fastener, it should be a garment without seams or rigid elements.

If it is an antiallergic garment, it must be made with hypoallergenic elements (cotton, micromodal, …) and with few synthetic elements (unprotected polyamides, etc.).

That is why it is important to go to the professionals who advise us on what suits us best to go comfortable and look good with the bra.

Understanding brands of bras. They are not limited to being fashionable, but also research, design and develop products with well-defined functions.

The shops with expert staff, who make bra-fitting and help find the perfect garment for every woman and any need.

In case of injuries or doubts about health, go to the doctor experts in senology.

And if you want information about our store and any other issue related to the bra, we recommend you contact TheRightBras.

We hope this info has been useful and that you share it if you have friends who can serve you.

Part of this info has been extracted from “Myths and legends of support” by Francesc Puertas

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