HTC Comes into Losses in The Second Quarter of 2015 and Announces More Attractive Phones

HTC Comes into Losses in The Second Quarter of 2015 and Announces More Attractive Phones

Probably in HTC only think in end of 2015 and 2016 has a new opportunity for them. Not well started the year with a quarter with marginal benefits, the following period has not improved and Taiwanese enter officially in losses in the middle of the course. In particular, 252 million dollars.

Chialin Chang, current CFO of HTC and head of worldwide sales explained in the presentation of data the next quarter will be good. They are in a stage of transition, he stressed, and ensure that the poor sales of the companies are due to its current product line is not attractive and running to the development of more fashionable models to return to the top.

In search of new smartphones

The message of Chang is a little confusing: phones to fashion for the next few months, probably early in the coming year. Interestingly, HTC It has been one of the manufacturers that has more attention to design and as proof of this the last three design One. However, it seems that it has not been enough to attract the public.

Chang gave some clues about the more immediate that we will see a “classic version” of the HTC One M9 most fashionable. That Yes, you do not expect to be a top of the range since they want a more affordable terminal, they probably want to compete at home against Huawei and Xiaomi that in the last quarter it took them a significant share making phones with a price that was around 300 euros.

The second pillar of the presentation of the data was the optimization of operations to cut costs and achieve greater benefits. This a priori sounds dismissals but in no time they have made specific mention to cut jobs. We will have to wait a bit to see what is the plan of HTC in this aspect.

Finally we have the diversification of business. HTC says that they want to go for other areas and running the virtual reality as an opportunity to grow and position itself. Today they have a very interesting project with Valve (Re live) and recently bought a company dedicated to this technology: WEVR.

Bad times for a HTC which still does not lift its head and pointing to that 2015 will be a journey in the desert for them: the terminals do not end up working and continue losing prominence while others go up and take the position of Taiwanese.

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