How to Choose and Acquire Bike Lights Mtb Btt

LED lighting systems extend to all means of transport, including bicycles, due to their resistance, low consumption and quality.

  1. According to itypeauto, LED lighting systems extend to all means of transport, including bicycles, due to their resistance, low consumption and quality. This system, with the urban cycling so in fashion, supposes an extra security contribution for the nights;That great enemy of the cyclist. Now that the DGT bells include the runner as a target audience and that more and more account is taken of the lights for powerful bicycle bikes as part of the mobility (although it is expensive to the gallery in most cases) It is the moment to see with good eyes ideas like the one of this light for bicycles. In conditions of reduced visibility at night is mandatory for each and every one of the bicycles that have a fixed front light and a red taillight. In addition, this kind of lights can annoy pedestrians who are photosensitive.The flashing lights are only allowed by emergency cars, such as ambulances, police firefighters. The flashing lights are seen quite often, mainly because the riders consider that thanks to them are more noticeable for other cars. It is essential to take into account the type of route we make, so that if our light is nourished by batteries we have enough batteries so that it is not exhausted before returning home. Generally these lights are usually red and the type of bulbs are led.It is true that if we do not want to disguise ourselves as cyclists it will suffice to wear a clamp on our pants, so that we do not get stuck with the chain, put on a reflective vest, like the ones we have in the cars and we have to wear When the vehicle has been stopped in the arcen by a fault and we must leave the same. It is essential to distinguish for which we need the light, if it is to see so that they see us. These lights are usually placed on the seat post, although there are people who prefer to carry it in the area of ​​the pocket of the jersey.

    At higher power, shorter duration, and here is interesting the lights in which you can regulate the power so that it lasts long enough even at the expense of lowering the power of lighting. It is worth with the reflective ones we see a lot, but I think that too much is trusted in the lights of the exterior and in the illumination of the streets and the headlights of the cars. Normally this class of lights is used by the athletes that go to run, since at the beginning they were designed for this purpose.

    This tape has elastic bands and a support to put our focus for the bike, we need to remove the flexible ribbons from the support for the light, once we have removed the tapes we have to take the support for the light and put it on the top of the Helmet for bike can be fixed with reins. We have to pay attention to the battery at the moment of choosing our led light for the bicycle, since it is one of the most essential parts. Regarding the intensity of light, in our shop you can choose lights for the bicycle of one thousand eight hundred lumens, lights for the bicycle of 3800 lumens and lights for the bike of 5000 lumenes.