Five Simple Tips To Enhance Your Own Wardrobe

Five Simple Tips To Enhance Your Own Wardrobe

Five tips how to make a simple suit to a special… I had already given you in an older post along the way. Today I dedicate myself to five general tips and tricks how to upgrade your own wardrobe.

You think (n) certainly a stylish suit or a necktie, in order to enhance your own wardrobe, in everyday life, however, this is relatively little for most men, since you are not always wearing a suit and tie.

This is the case with me, by the way, so I’ve thought a few times, how to enhance the everyday wardrobe. Because now it is gait and give, that one appears in jeans, polo shirt and T-shirt at work, without being equally considered under dressed.

But now enough of the introductory words, there are five practical tips on how to enhance your wardrobe and thus your own style. If you have helpful tips, I am happy if you share them in the comments with us.

Logos AdÉ-Back To The Basics

Personally, I like to wear clothes, which are mainly convinced by their quality and which one already feels, that one holds something sensible in the hands. But I, too, must confess to myself that I have one or the other outlier in the closet – favorite pieces. What I do not have in my closet are t-shirts with huge logos or prints, which are simply not portable in everyday life.

Because I have realized that shirts with prints a few years ago, in my “youth” were still hip, but just as one is wearing these, as a youth and not as an adult, as one would like to be perceived. It is therefore important that you do not define yourself through brands, but rather become a brand and stands for something.

So why not use the favor of the hour and exchange the old shirts with logos and meanwhile printed prints for a few sensible black T-shirts or also one-color, colorful shirts? Such a shirt can be easily combined with a V-neck sweater or a sports jacket and you have a casual, yet stylish look.

T-shirts are of course a must in the wardrobe, but also polo shirts can enter there. Also here I would make sure that these are monochrome, which simply increases the combination possibilities.Details such as contrast cuffs or a colored contrast collar goes naturally also. And do not worry, even stylish monochrome shirts or polo shirts can be comfortable, not just the faded favorite shirt.

Reasonable Pants Are A Must!

After looking at our T-shirts, we are going to dedicate ourselves to another piece of clothing, which is probably integrated into almost every outfit: the jeans. You should not just assume that these as long as they covered the legs and the butt is still all right.Therefore, it is also appropriate here to throw a critical glance at one’s own footwear.

Because it often turns out that the jeans have already passed their zenith and it was actually already long time to exchange these.Therefore, I have put together a short checklist to help you decide whether your jeans are still wearable or not:

Does the jeans worn out and/or faded?

Is it hanging in the crotch area or at the rear-has it lost its shape?

Is the pants too long, speak, are you running on her?

Is the jeans still sophisticated and tidy or is it a pure weekend jeans, which one would rather not go into the business?

If you have answered one or more questions with yes, it is certainly time to think about a new pair of jeans. For a reasonable, well-fitting jeans belongs simply in every wardrobe, at least should be at least one dark jeans in this again.

“Jeans are a setting and no pants.”-Ulrich Plenzdorf

They can be perfectly combined with a nice pair of Oxford shoes, a simple T-shirt, a polo or a shirt. In the autumn they are supplemented by a matching jacket and you already have a very attractive outfit.

Of course, there is nothing to complain about a light jeans, which makes a good figure in the summer. Which definitely belongs in the own cupboard is a well-fitting Chino. This is almost ideal to be worn with sneakers. But here, too, one can vary, so it can be carried both loosely, casually, and officially.

Are Your Shirts Still Portable?

Personally I try at least once a year to go through my wardrobe to see if I still like what I find in it or whether it is time to sort out something. At the beginning of this year there was a good turn around in shirts. Because over the years, a lot has accumulated here, which I either have not worn for a long time, which is nowadays no longer wearable, and also three striped black/white shirts are not necessary to perform an example of too many shirts.

Striped, wildly patterned or even dotted shirts are practically the further development of T-shirts with large logos and unsightly prints. So simply said no longer necessary. That’s why I’ve decided to go back in color on shirts, even colorful shirts. The one or other striped shirt is still in the wardrobe, but does not make the mass out.

The beauty of solid color shirts is that they can be easily combined with other pieces. Shirt, jeans and sneakers, ready is the casual outfit to meet with friends. If it is a little more chic the good dark jeans-as we have learned in the previous paragraph-are taken out and combined with a pair of Oxford shoes. Look both good and the combination possibilities are almost endless.

As with a sensible jeans, you should pay attention to a shirt when it just does not belong in your own wardrobe:

Does it work out or fade?

Does it still fit correctly-or is it too narrow or wide?

Does the shirt match your style?

Does it have the right length or does it hang when it is not in the pants, too far over this?

Just to the last point is to mention that you do not have to wear a shirt in your pants. If you wear it, however, you should take care that it does not stick to the crotch, otherwise it is definitely too long! The only as a small tip on the edge.

A Sports Jacket Is Also A Great Piece Of Clothing For Young Adults

Eventually, the point in life is when you no longer want to fight against wearing adult clothes. And honestly, if you get over it, you realize that it does not have to look bad. Especially sporty jackets are a good way to get a grip on getting more and more adult clothes.

You should not be afraid to experiment a bit, and integrate a sporty jacket into your outfits. This is less formal than a normal jacket and yet more chic than a normal jacket. So just try to let this into your own style.

This makes it possible to make something very stylish from a casual jeans and T-shirt combination. It is advisable to put on a single-colored jacket and not on a wild pattern combination or matching of colors – at least at the first sports jacket. In order to get a feeling for something like this, you should simply try different sports jackets in the shop around the corner.

Shoes, Of Course, But Often Forgotten…

Quite honestly, which I myself sometimes already strongly notice, is the fact that many men are incredibly chic and styled, but then with a worn or dirty sneaker, leather shoes, etc. walk around. Do not go!

From my wife, I was able to learn that women are very important to put on well-groomed shoes, why I can not explain to you. One thing is for sure, not only women pay attention to your boss, colleagues as well as friends and family.

“You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, like if he’s barefoot or not.”-Jarod Kintz

A dirty pair of shoes does not seem to be casual but rather careless.And worn shoes look just modest, no matter whether sneakers or leather shoes. Worn, naturally aged boats times except. They can have style! I recommend you just take a look at my shoe guide, so you get a feeling for what you can wear.

Not Only The Wardrobe, But Also The Style Upgrade…

As you have already read from the previous five tips, it was not just about upgrading my own wardrobe but also my own style. The one in the other automatically goes over. Nevertheless, I hope that you could take something with you to enhance your own style and develop further. If you have even more helpful tips and tricks to enhance your own style or your own wardrobe.

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